Tick Tock, Death Clock

Danni can see the date that people are going to die, and knows she will be the first one to die in her year, probably due to suicide. However, the dates in her year group all suddenly change to the month when she dies, so that Danni is the last woman standing, for only 2 days. How come? Everyone is blaming coincidence but Danni knows better, and suspects the same force that gave her a curse and a blessing. How many deaths can she prevent and what about her own?


3. An Even Bigger Shock

"Danni, are you ok?"

"Yeah Lucy, I'm fine..." My breathing was very irregular and even little Scotty, the smallest and dumbest boy in our year, could figure out what was wrong. I fought my mind and mouth to stop myself from blurting out the truth, and fought even harder to stop myself looking like I wanted too, so I walked off to the bus stop with Lucy tailing behind me.

"Guess what Danni, guess what!" Lucy was unbelievably chatty, and normally I could deal with her endless ramblings but today I couldn't. "Come on Danni, I'll give you 10 seconds to guess. 10, 9..." I kept my mouth firmly shut; I was not in the mood for her gossip.  She paused, and told me 4 seconds early. "Dana and Cody are going out isn't that cute ohmygawd ImusttellRochelle and ImusttellLisa andImusttellSharon andImusttellLizzieandMirrieandKahjaland..." That's when my head went to sleep. You get used to Lucy after a while.

The bus pulled up - late as always - as the Nub strolled down the street in our direction. The Nub is our name for the annoying rich kid, Zack. He always comes up to me and Lucy in the mornings and this is what normally happens:

He calls me a slut. I call him a nub. He says that I'd never lose my virginity. I say he's contradicting himself. He says he can do what he wants. I say that I'm better than him at football (a lie!). Lucy goes 'OHHH!'. I nudge her because she's not helping. He goes mental and says that his Dad could sue me. I trip him up and laugh. Jack films him falling over. Zack pays him £20 to delete the video. The bus turns up. We get on and don't see Zack until form time.

I saw him walk up to us in his smug manner and prepared my comeback, and then I saw his time had changed. I had always been disappointed to know that he would live to 102 and get a letter from the queen, but this made me feel very happy and guilty.

8:08 2.10.12

You think its cruel for me to be happy about this? Well, you see how much of a stuck-up arsehole he is! His date said that he would probably be hit by the bus tomorrow which didn't sound very pleasant at all, but he really did deserve it for all the torment he gave us ever since year 7. This was unusual though, for two people that know each other to have their dates change at the same time and to a much closer date. I could tell something bad was happening.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock...

Something bad was going to happen...

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