O.T.C- thats me!

"i just want to fall in love with a guy. i want it to be perfect. all i want in a guy is for him to be taller than me, strong, and for him to love me."

Sara is an O.T.C (ordinary teen christian) who wants to fall in love. she is a hopeless romantic. so when she finally falls for a guy (who goes to her church!) will love really be everything she had dreamed it to be?


3. he let me win?

-house group bbq 2010-


its the last house group for the summer, and to be honest it was really good weather. I had gotten to know everyone here really well. 

"so, Sara what you doing this summer?" thats Sarah. And next to her was Rachel. as you can probably tell, they are twins. i cant tell them apart.

"I dont really know... all I know is that im going to this place to go camping -and ive never been camping before- and that my friends from england are going to be there. i havent seen these friends for like, ages- as in a matter of years!!!" I replied. 

"hey, i wanna go on the inflatable? I bet i can beat you" said Rachel. The house group bbq had an inflatable thing where you sit on this sort of horizontal inflatable pole and you hit the opponent with these sort of pillow things to try and knock the opponent down. the first one to fall of the pole lost.

"sure. but it think i will win!" I replied.

in fact, i lost. feeling weak, i asked for a re-match since there was nobody around queuing for a go, as there usually is. but Rachel and Sarah were heading to the food. i had already eaten, and wanted to go on the inflatable so that i could prove to myself that i wasn't that weak. then Cameron Don came up to me and asked me if i wanted to go on the inflatable with him, and i of course said yes. 

so we played to the best of 3 rounds, and i won. and i swear, i am not as strong as a football/ruby player. He let me win. and why would he let me win if he didn't like me? exactly. so he must like me. and hopefully, he likes me in the way that i like/love him.

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