O.T.C- thats me!

"i just want to fall in love with a guy. i want it to be perfect. all i want in a guy is for him to be taller than me, strong, and for him to love me."

Sara is an O.T.C (ordinary teen christian) who wants to fall in love. she is a hopeless romantic. so when she finally falls for a guy (who goes to her church!) will love really be everything she had dreamed it to be?


2. getting to know him

-2010 at house group-

"Ok, so now im going to split you up into pairs so that we can all get to know each other" If Johnny had said that at school, there would be multiple groans from across the *classroom* but since it isn't, and everyone here is cool, nobody cared cos we are all practically friends.

Johnny (youth leader) started giving us all numbers (up to 11 cos there are 22 or so of us) and i got number 10. we then searched the room to find our partners, and a place to sit. and guess what. i was paired with.... CAMERON DON!!! (Tall, tan, ash/blonde hair, funny, amazing smile)

we sat down, and listened to Abby (Johnny's wife) explain what we had to do. 

"you have to take turns asking eachother questions about things like; birthdays, pets, family, home and things like that. you have 5 minutes!" she said

"you can go first." said Cameron. so i did. and this is what i learnt about him:


1. he has 2 pet hamsters (or Guinea pigs, i cant remember)

2. his birthday is 10th October (20 days before mine)

3.  he plays football

4. he plays rugby


thats all i can remember for now :P lol. what ever.

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