O.T.C- thats me!

"i just want to fall in love with a guy. i want it to be perfect. all i want in a guy is for him to be taller than me, strong, and for him to love me."

Sara is an O.T.C (ordinary teen christian) who wants to fall in love. she is a hopeless romantic. so when she finally falls for a guy (who goes to her church!) will love really be everything she had dreamed it to be?


4. 1st year

-2011 3rd day of 1st year-

"Soo, Sara- you met any guys you like? Likey-like-like?" Lara (one of my bffs) said.

"sort of..." I said, thinking about Cameron.

"Who? is it someone in any of our classes? is it someone i know? WHO IS IT WHO IS IT WHO IS IT?!"

"You probably wont know him. i have known-" and like-liked "-him for ages, since i started house group and met him and-"


"CameronDonIsTheGuy" I spluttered out- laughing my head off at Lara's expression.

"What did you say? i didnt get one word of that!" 

"Cameron...Don...Is...The...Guy" i said extra slow just to annoy lara.

"who is Cameron?" duh. the love of my life

"this guy i met at house group-" and i told Lara, and all of my other friends that were around at the time everything that had ever happened between him and me (not that much had)



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