O.T.C- thats me!

"i just want to fall in love with a guy. i want it to be perfect. all i want in a guy is for him to be taller than me, strong, and for him to love me."

Sara is an O.T.C (ordinary teen christian) who wants to fall in love. she is a hopeless romantic. so when she finally falls for a guy (who goes to her church!) will love really be everything she had dreamed it to be?


1. The First House Group


"Sara! hurry up and get ready- you dont want to be late for your first house group!" true mum, but i also dont want to go and be either too casual, or too dressy. ugh. you dont understand. thats what i want to say, but i would soo never be aloud to make such a 'typical teen' remark. 

"I know Mum. Im just coming" i answered instead. grabbing my coat, i headed out to the first House group (a club sort of thing in my church's youth leader's house where we discussed things about the bible, and eat)


i got out the car and knocked on what i hoped to be the right door, and it was. Walking in, Abby (our youth pastors wife, who also helps with the house group) showed up and told me to take my shoes off and come through to the living room. 

it seemed to be quite a full room, and it was small. the first thing i noticed was how there were like, 10+ girls and 4- guys. lol to that.  i sat down and then i saw him. He was tan and tall. he had flicky ash/blonde hair. He smiled. His smile... was mesmerizing. 

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