The Island - Flying Forward

The Island as we all know that it's a lovely place to be to see our bird friends
Do they know though

PG 13 and over


2. Waiting for sun-set


Dear Diary,

Anna my wife has almost finished our shelter, I have to admit it looks quite badly built.

Her eyes that just looked at me in a oval emotion, I felt her breathe down my neck. She needs to survive with me, we can't lose each other. Her small cold hands rubbed against my skin, I could feel her trying to stay warm next to me. I stared at her while keeping her secure with my left arm around her to comfort her. The animal sounds began to echo when we rested our heads against the small leafy pillow. Anna had made a pillow out of leaves with sticks and straw to keep it soft. I was impressed from seeing what she had made for us to sleep in. The pillow made me no longer home sick.

I looked down while slowly moving my left arm away from her. As she had fallen asleep with her cute eyes closed while her head rested against my left hip. I looked outside of our small shelter, the clear sky with no storms or clouds to be for-casted. I stepped outside of our shelter leaving Anna inside to sleep in peace, I could see she was cold and the tide was coming in closer. I had to think fast and build something to stop the tide from sweeping her away from me. Moving away from our small camp spot I changed direction towards the small jungle behind us. It wasn't a long walk since I've seen longer before. Even though I was a small distance away from Anna, I could feel her sleeping against me and her skin touching my skin for comfort. Her aqua blue eyes looking at me were formed in my mind. I could see her in front of me asking for help.

My mind drifted off to almost going crazy, I could feel my skin going very dry like dusty sand. I needed some water, the clean water that I should of had already. 'What was I thinking?' my eyes closed slowly while I decided that I need to sleep away from her. I thought of terrible things that could happen to me or her. After I had slowly crouched on the sandy mud mixture terrain. My eyes wanted to close so I could sleep but I had to build the small barrier to keep the tide from taking my wife away from me. Her love is what I needed off her, she needs my support to keep her love for me. The darkness had just striked the lovely sky. I started to feel alone and lost, I could hear the howling winds vibrate the trees around me. My mind started to lose it's self again. Wolves could be heard from the tall looking mountain. The dark scary shadows that flew past me in an instant. 

My poor heart could not take any more. I love you Anna when will you realise it?...

- Date 12 July 1971 -

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