The Frustrations of Ettie-Jane

Ettie-Jane has only a few goals in life: to be admired for the pretty young woman she is, to have her own way, and mostly to have fun. But when her mother re-marries a boring old Mr. Bennett her plans could be jeopardized.


2. Home?

When they arrived in London it was dark. Ettie was feeling very tiered, but also very annoyed. She had been asleep for the past hour or so, and as she tried to make out her reflection in her mirror, she could tell her hair was quite a mess. Decisively, she took a hairbrush out of her box , pulled out the various pins and bands in her hair, and brushed through it energetically. Once she completed the task she attempted to find out her whereabouts. This agitated her even more as she could only guess judging by the grim setting outside that they were getting near. She looked at her mother, sleeping on Mr. Bennett's shoulder, and poked her in the stomach energetically. Her mother woke up with groan. This in turn woke Mr. Bennett up. This amused Ettie a little and she felt almost bad about poking her mother. Almost. 

"Are we there yet?" She asked in an annoying tone instead.

"Just about" Mr. Bennett answered sleepily after looking out at the streets. Ettie didn't know how the driver knew the way. All those streets seemed exactly the same, with their gloomy lamps and dirty pavements. They came to a stop. The coachman opened the door and her mother and Mr. Bennett rolled out of the carriage clumsily. Ettie frantically packed away her brush and mirror, picked up her coat and her cage and quickly proceeded to follow her parents out. She was surprised by the large size of her new house,and almost a little disappointed, that Mr. Bennett didn't leave her anything to mock him about, nothing to complain about.  She looked up at to the top of the house as she climbed down the step, which was much more slippy than expected. She feared the worst as she lost her balance, still clinging on to all of her belongings. Then, out of the shadows a hand appeared and supported her. Ettie sighed in relief and put both her feet on the ground. She turned to her rescuer.

"And whom do I have to thank?" She said in her silkiest tone, smiling. The owner of the hand came into the light of the street light; a dashing young man, with a sharp nose, and  deep eyes, dressed in a fine suit. His dark hair floated freely around his face. 

" Fredrick Bennett" He said slowly, in a thick, creamy voice.  He smiled at Ettie, who completely forgot herself in his eyes.

" Henrietta-Jane Murphy." She curtsied as neatly as possible with the many things she was holding.

" Much enchanted" Fredrick answered, kissing Ettie's hand gently. Multiple thoughts crossed Etties mind. First and most important one: she looked like a devil-child with her dark hair all down and wild, and her crimson red dress all hoisted up in order not to trip on the step. She sighed in her head. What a classy first impression. She'll just stick with sounding enchanting for now.

"You can call me Ettie. Everyone does" She said slowly walking towards the house. He followed her, taking her box with him. 

"Then you can call me Freddy. That's what my father calls me" he answered. Something finally registered in Etties dizzy head. Freddy Bennett. BENNETT. How disappointing. 

"I presume you're Mr. Bennet''s son?" She asked sweetly- just to make sure.

"Yes. Of course" He smiled awkwardly " It's such a shame I missed our parent's wedding." 

"Yes. It was a splendid event" Ettie lied with a smile. She had a feeling her mother mentioned Fredrick Bennett number of times, none of which Ettie bothered to listen to, simply because the surname didn't interest her in the slightest. They stopped just before the door. 

"I must say" Freddy started, looking into Ettie's dark eyes. " It will be rather odd having you around"

Ettie frowned at him, slightly comically " Whatever do you mean by that Mr. Bennett?"

"I haven't lived with a woman-let alone two- since my mother died 7 years ago. It will be somewhat unusual. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that as a personal offence" he said sincerely. Ettie looked at the ground and smiled.

"Your apology is accepted. And you forget, I haven't lived with a man-let alone two- since MY father died. I dare say this shall definitely be unusual. London... is unusual." Ettie answered, looking around at the street lamps and houses. Freddy laughed.

" You and me shall get on well." he said still chuckling.

"Of course." Ettie replied, only now realizing that the pair has been standing outside the locked house for the past few minutes. "Someone let us in!" She shouted as she banged on the door.  And as a timid maid opened the door for them Ettie took Fredrick y the arm ad stepped inside of what was to be her new home.

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