Direction Beach

I remember the day One Direction's first ever song came out, on that legendary beach...



8. The Wedding Day

Ariana zipped up my dress and the white chiffon hung just right. I looked at myself in the mirror, at my hair hanging loosely around my shoulders, clipped at the top by a glimmering silver clip in the shape of a bird taking flight. 

"You look beautiful." Ariana had tears in her eyes and I slapped her hand jokingly. Ariana had never been the sloppy type, in the 20 years we had been friends- since birth. I couldn't believe I was getting married to Harry today. A few years ago, it had been my dream to go to their concert. Now I was going to be his wife.

"Do you think he'll think I look nice?" I asked, gnawing on my finger nail. Ariana tugged my hand away and inspected my freshly manicured nails. No damage done.

"I think he'll think you look perfect." She smiled. "I'm so proud of you for finding someone like Harry. He treats you so well. Look, here's you getting married and me still alone and lonely. How sad," she rolled her eyes and bit into a strawberry from the bowl on the dressing table. She went to dip it in chocolate, then pulled back at the last minute.

"You don't want any chocolate?" I asked. "C'mon, you love chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate," I wheedled. "You're not on a stupid diet are you? Look how thin you are already!"

"I need to look perfect for-" she flushed. "For the ceremony. I don't wanna look, erm, fat." 

"Ari, I've known you for 20 years. And I know for a fact, that you like Niall." I lifted a finger to silence her as she opened her mouth in protest. "Don't deny it. And a little birdy told me,,, well it doesn't matter. If you don't like him..." I popped a strawberry in my mouth, smiling at Ariana's torn expression. 

"Okay, I like him. But he'd never like me back." She flopped on the bed and smoothed out her lilac bridesmaid dress. "Life is so damn hard. Do you think Niall likes purple?" She got back and surveyed herself in the mirror from all angles.

"I think he'd like you in anything. Harry told me he likes you. Niall tells the boys everything, and of course, Harry tells me. And I'm telling you." 

Ariana grinned. "There he is." She stared at the window dreamily and flushed slightly, waving. Niall must have noticed her. I peeped around the corner to see Niall in a tuxedo, beckoning for Ariana to come down. She looked at me, with adorable puppy dog eyes and I nodded. I needed some time alone anyway, to gather my thoughts. 

She took off down the stairs, paused, took off her heels and ran down the remaining steps. I wandered to the window to see them wandering off together down the drive as Zayn, Louis and Liam wolf whistled and jeered jokingly. Niall turned around briefly, laughing. Eleanor and Danielle were sat on the bench sipping a glass of champagne each. Everyone seemed to be here; my family, Harry's family, One Direction's staff, the boy's family, Ariana's family. Nerves bubbled in my stomach at the thought of walking the aisle and seeing Harry waiting at the top. We would soon be husband and wife.

It was nearly time to go down. I checked my hair, dress and makeup, then picked up the beautiful flowers that lay on my bed. One of the petals was crumpled, and I smoothed it out gently. Each petal was so perfect, and they seemed to represent today. Everything seemed so perfect, and with that thought I took a deep breath and exited the room.


AUTHORS NOTE, PLEASE READ: Sorry this is a short chapter! I was just wondering if you guys want me to continue this? i was going to finish the story a while ago on the chapter 'I Love You.' but I felt like it should be continued. If you want more from this story, I will extend the chapter and make more. Once again, thank you so much for all your lovely comments! <3<3<3

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