Direction Beach

I remember the day One Direction's first ever song came out, on that legendary beach...



6. "The Lurveeee Department"

Just as I was about to head out into the hallway, I heard a lot of banter and the creak of a door opening. I jumped back a bit, then slithered across the floor, wondered what the hell I was doing, stood up, and peered over the grand staircase. Harry was carrying Louis over his shoulder through the hallway and Liam was hopping through, with his laptop balanced on his knee, doing a twitcam, surprise surprise. Niall was flicking Zayn's hair up with his finger, and Zayn was admiring himself in the mirror.


"So," Louis asked Harry, "How are things going in the lurveeee department?"He winked, and got a packet of ready salted crisps from the draw. Soon Zayn, Liam and Niall were also crowded around Harry and he stared at the floor and flipped his hair out of his eyes.

"Er, I dunno whether she likes me or not," he shrugged as though it was no big deal, but you could see the hurt in his eyes. "I mean, she blushes when she see's me, but that's what fans do anyway isn't it? It doesn't mean she'd want to go out with me..."

"Well you could go round and see her today and tell her how you feel," Niall mumbled through a mouthful of Louis' crisps. "After all, she could love you too. If you was her, would you tell someone famous that you loved them? You'd be scared of rejection, wouldn't you?"

"I suppose. And erm, guys...she's upstairs."

The boys turned to stare at Harry. Then they turned to look at Liam.

"Liam," Harry said quietly. "Is your twitcam still on?"

At once, all 5 boys turned to look at the laptop opposite them. It was still on and comments were flooding in by the minute, some saying 'awh' some saying hate and some people in outrage at the fact a Directioner was in One Direction's house.

ergh, can't believe a fans at Harry's house and he's in luv with her. ew, bet she's some ugly spotty freak.

everyone's being so bitchy! Harry can love who he wants! Hope it goes well babe<33333 

Aw bless liam revealing this to the world #liamstwitcamftw

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry Harry!" Liam gasped and quitted out of the twitcam straight away. "I didn't realise.."

But Harry was smiling. "Its fine... maybe now if she sees this Twitcam sometime, she'll realise how I feel..."

Louis had been standing next to Harry deep in thought whilst he was saying this, thoughtfully popping the last few crisps into his mouth. He had an idea. He and the boys could go out, save the twitcam and leave it paused on the desk. Paul was a twitter genius, he could definitely save that video somehow. Then the girl would come down and see. He explained his idea to the boys.


10 minutes later, after a lot of persuading, Paul had saved the video and it was paused, the laptop lying on the corner unit ready for Tia to come down and watch. Harry left the house with nerves. He loved this girl, and he was too shy to say it to her face. This had to work.

He'd always said that he'd have a relationship with a fan, but inside of him, he'd never thought that it would work. He'd never been able to imagine being properly in love, and now that he had felt it, he felt scared. What if she rejected him? Being a famous guy's girlfriend came with its pro's AND con's after all. What if she just wanted an easy life with a normal boyfriend, and just wanted to be friends with Harry? Well, he'll soon find out, he thought.

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