The Summer I'd Never Forget.

What happens when 17-year-old Sadie Linten and Niall Horan spark a romance? Will it work out, since they're both on vacation in Florida for only two weeks?


20. Tell Me I'm Dreaming

Sadie's P.O.V.

     Kayla and I are sat around the small kitchen table in our suite, laughing and talking. 

     "I think that Niall is really into you," Kayla says with a smirk. I feel my face redden.

     "Really, you think so?" I ask. She nods vigorously. The conversation goes on for a while. I can't stop thinking about that blond boy. bzzt bzzt. My phone vibrates, moving around the table slightly. I giggle and pick it up. 

Nialler: we want u 2 meet the other lads. tonite at 7. and actualy hang wit them for a bit. that party wasnt gud enugh. I interrupt Kayla as she blabbers on about something or other. "Josh and Niall want us to meet the..some of their friends," I correct myself, before saying "the rest of the band." Kayla doesn't realize that they're part of One Direction, and I'm not exactly ready to reveal the little secret yet. She takes a bite of her pizza, chewing it slowly. 

     "Mmm okay," she finally gives in. I squeal. I immediately text Niall back. 

Me: Okay(: can't wait to meet the boys again. <3 

     "But we're wearing those same adorable outfits as the other night," Kayla decides, shoving another large bite of gooey pizza in her mouth. "I'm too lazy to pick something else out." I giggle at her.

     "That's fine, I'm just excited that we're meeting...their friends," I say. I force a small smile onto my face, but really all I wanted to do is scream and jump around. Not only did I meet Niall Horan, but we fell in love, and I get to hang out with the rest of the One Direction crew? Tell me I'm dreaming. 


Wow I'm a horrible person. I didn't upload in months. I'm so sorry): school has started & all & it's hard to keep up. I'll publish whenever I can(: this is also due to the fact i have a rubbish computer. & can't afford a new one. s i g h. thanks for sticking with me, liking, commenting, & favoriting(:

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