The Summer I'd Never Forget.

What happens when 17-year-old Sadie Linten and Niall Horan spark a romance? Will it work out, since they're both on vacation in Florida for only two weeks?


11. Skydiving.

"Are you ready?" Bill asks. Bill is the "skydiving" instructor. Kayla nods her head. She's decked out in important safety gear. I giggle to myself at how silly we all look. Niall nudges me and winks. I swat his arm playfully and we turn our attention to Kayla. As Josh watches Bill turn the switch for the giant fan on, a nervous look creeps onto his face. Kayla tenses up and the current of air begins to lift her off the ground. Her smile grows until I swear it was about to fall off of her face. I smile to myself. Niall and I decided to just watch as Kayla had her fun. We were going out to eat, so we weren't going to stay long. "Oh my god, this is sick!" Kayla squeals. Josh smiles at her while she rises up into the air. "Joshy you'll have so much fun!"

"I'm sure I will," Josh mumbles. I giggle and Niall puts his arm around my waist. 

"We're going to head to the restaurant, now," Niall announces, pointing towards the door. Josh nods and I wave to Kayla. We step outside into the cool air. It was surprisingly cold today.

"Taxi!" Niall roars as we wave our arms frantically. A yellow cab pulls up, allowing us to hop in. Niall opens the door for me, the gentleman he is. I thank him by planting a kiss on his soft cheek before settling in.

"Where to?" the husky driver asks.

"Um, Chili's," Niall answers. The driver starts to pull out. I buckle my seat belt and remind Niall to do the same. Before we make it even halfway down the street, the screeching of tires surrounds us. I spin around to see a car hurtling towards us. Everything slows down. It's so surreal. The car gaining on us. Niall embracing me in an effort to protect me. The taxi driver trying to turn the car out of the path of destruction. We are no match for the car speeding towards us, though. The impact of the truck rear-ending us lurched the car forward, slamming my body against the seat belt. I hear screaming. Then I'm engulfed by pain. I turn my head towards Niall, pain searing through every inch of me. He's looking at me with big eyes. He was definitely scared. All of the sudden, I feel really sleepy. The light fades, until there is nothing. Only the dark. 


Thank you all SOOO much for everything. I really want to do well in this competition, & you guys are helping me to do that. Please like, comment & favorite.(: It means a lot as the boys are my idols. Thanks & much love!

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