The Summer I'd Never Forget.

What happens when 17-year-old Sadie Linten and Niall Horan spark a romance? Will it work out, since they're both on vacation in Florida for only two weeks?


2. Relaxing.

"Look at that one!" Niall yells, lifting his hand up to point at a puffy white cloud. "It looks like a bunny rabbit," he decides. His Irish accent was so adorable. I still couldn't believe I was lying in the sand next to a guy in one of the most popular boy bands in the UK.  I laugh at him. "What?" he asks, letting his head fall to the side, looking at me. I had already been looking at him, admiring the way his hair shone in the sun. When our gazes met, I realized his blue eyes were easy to get lost in. 

"You're such a child," I answer. He smiles at me and I see braces that I hadn't noticed before. A strand of hair fell, covering my eye, and Niall pushes it back. His warm hand brushes my skin and I can feel a burning sensation where he had touched my cheek. I blushed and he giggled. 

"Oh, hey," Josh speaks up. "Would you guys like to come to a beach party with us tonight?" he offers. 

"Uh, obviously. We're always up for a good party, right Sadie?" Kayla immediately answers. I roll my eyes.

"Definitely," I mumble under my breath. Everybody stands up, and I just remain laying down. Niall sees me and offers me his hand to help me up. I grab it and smile, while his strong arm pulls me up gently. I giggle and he puts on his hat. Josh takes it right back off and tosses it to Kayla. She's startled and drops it. 

"Oops!" she yells and bends over to grab it. She tosses it to me, and I just stand there, dumbstruck. Niall runs into me, wrapping his arms around me while simultaneously yanking his hat from my grasp. I laugh and tell him to stop. Kayla and Josh are playing a game of tag by themselves. 

"Tonight will be so much fun," Niall whispers in my ear. Shivers run up my spine and reach my fingertips as I feel him smile against my skin. He pulls away and runs over to Josh, sand flying up with every footstep. Kayla's voice breaks my trance.

"Come on, Sadie, what are you waiting for?" I chase after Niall. The biggest grin spreads across my face in anticipation of tonight. I just wonder what he meant by that.


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