The Summer I'd Never Forget.

What happens when 17-year-old Sadie Linten and Niall Horan spark a romance? Will it work out, since they're both on vacation in Florida for only two weeks?


17. Pool.

Sadie's P.O.V.

 Niall presses his soft lips against mine. The familiar feeling of butterflies rises in the pit of my stomach. Suddenly, remembrance floods over me. I pull away. 

"Niall, Niall James Horan. The only Irish member of the boy band, One Direction. You guys were formed July 23rd, 2010 on the X Factor. There's Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and you," I blurt hoarsely. I can't believe what I just said. I remember!

"W-what?" Niall stutters, obviously taken aback by what I said. By now Kayla and Josh were paddling towards us. 

"I remember, Niall. I'm in Florida on vacation, to celebrate the end of high school. I met you at the beach with my best friend, Kayla Marie Enwood," I start, waving my hand towards Kayla as I say her name. She puts her hands over her mouth. "You introduced me to the other boys at the party, and I remember that Harry smelled really good. We were going to Chili's when we got in a car crash. I remember everything!" I squeal. Niall stares at me for a moment, before a smile slowly spreads across his face. I beam at him and he wraps his strong arms around me, twirling me around in the water. I ran my fingers through his hair before kissing him. 

"This is great babe!" Niall yells after breaking the kiss. Kayla hugs me and says she is so glad that I remember. 

"Me too, Kay. It was so scary, not knowing. It really was," my voice trails off. She hugs me and steps to the side so Josh can give me a hug too. He ruffles my hair.

"I'm so glad you remember, love. It was scary for us, too, that you didn't," he says quietly. I giggle and kiss his cheek. I wade over to Niall. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling myself closer to him. 

"Niall, I remember something else," I start off sheepishly. It happened in such a short time, I just hope he feels the same. I take in a sharp breath. "I am completely and totally in love with you." I squeeze my eyes shut, bracing myself for rejection.

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