The Summer I'd Never Forget.

What happens when 17-year-old Sadie Linten and Niall Horan spark a romance? Will it work out, since they're both on vacation in Florida for only two weeks?


12. It'll Be Alright.

"We've checked all of her vitals. She's fine, but she does have a cracked rib, and obviously some scratches," I hear a female voice say as I force my eyes open. The brightness of the room makes my eyes ache, and I quickly squeeze them shut. I hear somebody sigh. I let my eyes open slowly, allowing them time to adjust. "Hi, hun, how are you?" the same girly voice asks me.

"Uh, good, but where am I?" I ask, genuinely confused. The room is basically empty, with only a TV, a whiteboard hanging on a wall, a few chairs, a table, and two beds. I was occupying one.

"You're at the hospital," she answers soothingly. My eyes grow wide. 

"What happened?" I question, trying to keep the fear from showing in my voice. 

"Well, you were in a car crash," the lady in a pastel blue outfit starts. "A truck rear-ended the taxi you were in. This young gentleman was in the car, too. You were both brought in and checked," she continues, gesturing towards the blonde boy next to her. He nods. "You are going to be fine, though, both of you," she assures me. I breathe out a sigh of relief. 

"How are you, babe?" his thick Irish accent fills the room. He comes closer to my bed, sitting in the chair next to it. 

"Well, I guess as good as I can be, stuck in a hospital bed," I joke. He chuckles. 

"I'm so glad you're okay, babe," he leans down and whispers into my ear, before kissing my forehead. I blush.

"Me too, and thanks," I force a smile. The blue eyed boy nods happily. "Just one thing. Who are you?"


Thanks SO much for reading. You guys don't know how much it means. I love you all. I really hope to do well in this comp, & it all depends on you guys. Thanks for liking, favoriting & commenting. If you haven't already, please do so.(: it does mean everything. These boys are my idols. THANKS AGAIN.<3

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