The Summer I'd Never Forget.

What happens when 17-year-old Sadie Linten and Niall Horan spark a romance? Will it work out, since they're both on vacation in Florida for only two weeks?


7. Ice Cream.

"I think after facing your fears on all those big scary roller coasters, we could celebrate with ice cream," Niall suggests. We had been walking around the shops and food places for a while, and my stomach was beginning to growl.

"I think that's a great idea," I say with a smile. The day was wonderful so far. On every ride that I was scared, which would be most, Niall held my hand. He had managed to make me feel safe when he did. I smile at the thought, earning a questioning look from Niall. "Nothing, I'm just having a good day," I answer his unasked question. He nods and kisses my cheek.

"Me too," he agrees. We make our way to the ice cream shop, weaving in and out of various stores. It was quite easy to get lost at such a big amusement park. Once we finally found it, we plopped down on a bench right outside. "What kind of ice cream do you want?" Niall asks. 

"You've been paying all day, let me pay for us once, please," I beg. He wasn't going to let me win easily. Thank God I'm stubborn.

"No, I'm the guy, let me," he argued. 

"Niall, please, you've been wasting all your money on me," I retort. 

"You know what, I'm not going to keep this argument going, because I'm going to lose," he admits in defeat. I smirk and stick my tongue out at him. He chuckles and kisses me. I get up and start walking into the shop. "If you expect this to happen often, you're wrong, because it won't. So enjoy it," he says after me. I laugh and walk up to the counter inside.

"Can I please have four scoops of chocolate ice cream and two of cake batter?" I ask politely. The person behind the counter just grunted at me. "No, not that kind, cake batter," I repeat, jabbing my finger at the plastic and pointing to the kind I want.

"Needy enough?" she hisses. 

"Bitchy enough?" I mutter under my breath. She glares at me, and I suddenly regret saying it. I awkwardly shuffle to the register to pay. I hand the lady my money, and she stuffs it in the cash register. 

"Have a wonderful day," she says in a monotonous tone. I walk out the door and towards Niall. The bench is facing away from me, so I can only see Niall's back. Not to mention the girl's back that's sitting next to him. They're talking, so I figure it's just an old friend. I walk up behind the bench and start to open my mouth to tell Niall I'm back. That's when she leans in to kiss him.



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