The Summer I'd Never Forget.

What happens when 17-year-old Sadie Linten and Niall Horan spark a romance? Will it work out, since they're both on vacation in Florida for only two weeks?


10. Breakfast.

The pans were sizzling and the music was blaring. We were on the top floor of the hotel in the biggest suite, so no one could hear us. Well, if they could, we didn't care. Niall and I were making breakfast for the four of us; Josh, Niall, Kayla and I. Josh and Kayla had crashed in my room that night. 

"Catch!" Niall screeched, tossing the pancake from his pan to mine. "He shoots, he scores!" he yells before imitating a crowd screaming. I giggle and shake the gooey, tan circle around inside of the pan I was holding. 

"Breakfast Horan style, huh?" I tease before smacking him in the butt with another pan that was lying around. He grabs me and twirls me around, giggles filling the room. He yanks the pan from my hand, setting it on the stove. He spins me around again to face him. He stares into my eyes intently, his blue colored ones making my knees go weak. He leans down to press his lips against mine in a passionate kiss. I hear a sizzle, and break the kiss, grabbing the pancake from the hot surface. I slide it onto a plate, and now we're at 8 pancakes. "Let's make just a few more," I suggest.

"Sounds good, babe," he obliges with a wink. We finish making breakfast while simultaneously dancing and singing to songs from my phone. I set the table and Niall lays out the food. I put a smiley face on his plate, using eggs as eyes and bacon for the mouth. Once he sees it, he chuckles and wraps me in his strong arms for a hug. "How cute," he says in a girlish tone. I smile and peck his lips before skipping away to answer the door. Josh and Kayla walked in, hand in hand. 

"No, Niall, that's cute," I correct him, pointing at their intertwined fingers. Kayla blushes and pushes her dark brown hair out of her eyes. 

"Did you guys have fun last night at the amusement park? We sure did," she says with a wink directed at Josh. He smirks and looks away. 

"I had great fun," Niall speaks up. I smile at him.

"So did I, babe," I agree before kissing his cheek. We all sit down, chatting and laughing over a delicious breakfast. "So what do you guys want to do today?" I ask.

"I heard about this great skydiving simulator type..whatever thing that sounds pretty interesting," Kayla offers with a grin. I nod eagerly. 

"I know what you're talking about. I've always wanted to try that," I admit. 

"So, it's a plan?" Josh questions.

"Sure is," Niall confirms. They high five. Kayla and I giggle. Once everyone's done eating, the two of us put all of the dishes into the dishwasher. 

"I'm excited," I blurt.

"Me too," Kayla says with a huge smile, showing off her perfect teeth. "Josh told me that Niall really likes you, Essie," she says. She's called me Essie ever since we were little, because back then she didn't quite get how to pronounce my name. 

"He told me that, too," I reply with a smile.

"No, I'm like legitly serious. Josh said that Niall won't shut up about you. He's never taken such a liking to someone so fast, and so..much, for lack of better words," she elaborates while putting the last of the dishes in the washer and slamming it shut with her bony hip. I blush and smile like an idiot. She giggles and grabs my hand, pulling me out to the living room. "We need different clothes, we're going to change, boys. Be back in like, whenever," she calls through the suite. We head out the door to go to our room and change. After the few minutes it took to get ready, surprisingly, we head back up to the boys' floor. 

"Back, boys!" Kayla squeals. I kick off my shoes and wait on the couch for the guys to finish getting ready. They walk out after a few minutes, Niall looking hot as ever with his tank top and sunglasses. I liked the Niall who wore polos, too, but I have to say, this Niall is smoking. I leap up from my seat and hug him. 

"Why are you so adorable?" I ask rhetorically.

"Why are you so perfect?" he whispers, sending shivers down my spine. He took my hand in his, and Josh did the same with Kayla. The four of us walked to the lobby and out the door, waving down a taxi. This would be the start of some great friendships, I thought to myself. I was beyond excited for the rest of vacation. I felt invincible, like I was walking on air.


I know this chapter isn't so good, but my computer shut down when I was writing a different version. I just changed it.-.- Please like, comment & favorite. It means so much, because I want to do well in this competition. The boys are my idols. Thanks for reading(:

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