My dream, was real.- One direction

Læs den du bliver ikke skuffet!
Til dem der kan læse engelsk, ellers kan du altid oversætte det ;-)


2. Chapter 2


Belle's POV "Oh my gosh Kira! Liam was so into you did you notice? Well he smiling and was staring at you for the WHOLE time we were talking to them!" I said as I got into the car. "Okay I know he was. But he's really cute." Kira said "Hey Zoe. You too Livia. Admit it. We know you're going out with Ryan (Zoe) and Jack (Olivia) and yes we know that Ryan and Jack are the most popular senior guy in our high school... But those guys were seriously cute agreed?" I asked "Nah. I'm taken and never would let Ryan down like that....." Zoe was saying... Was she insane? They were the HOTTEST GUYS TO WALK THE PLANET!   Liam's POV "LIAM'S GOT A NEW CRUSH GUYS!" Niall screamed "Niall. You've been saying that for the last hour. I think we all get it." I said to Niall. "But Liam you haven't found love for the last few years so it's SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You didn't find love ever since well you remember right ever since-" "Niall I don't think that Liam wants to talk about that..." Harry said. "Now moving away from Liam, don't you all think that Harry's crushing on someeeeoneeeee too?" Niall asked suspiciously.  "Yeah Harry we saw the way you looked at Zoe." Zayn said "Okay fine you do have a point she's really hot and maybe I have a bit of a crush..." Harry admitted.  "Is it just me or do you guys also think Louis being quiet means he's crushing too?" Zayn asked "Okay okay maybe I do find one of the girls pretty hot... But I'm not telling which one!" Louis exclaimed "Dude. You don't need to try to keep it a secret we already know." Harry said "Boys I believe we have a new mission. Harry. Liam. Later at the coffee shop you 2 will make you move. Now lets try recording this song!" Zayn said   Belle's POV "Do I look okay Zoe? Tell the truth I need to look good for Zayn. He's really cute and I'm hoping he asks me out. Be a good BFF?" Belle was bugging me and Jess to get her the perfect outfit for later when we met the boys. "Yeah yeah yeah you look fine Belle." Jess said in a half hearted tone while filing her nails. "Come on guys this boy is like golden boy. The most perfect and most gorgeous boy to walk the planet!"  This was basically how my whole day went. Belle would try on an outfit. Then she'd start talking about how perfect Zayn was. Oh I know. Pure joy.   Harry's POV After we finished recording our new song, we walked into the coffee shop, I looked to the table on my left to see the most beautiful girl to ever walk this planet. Zoe. She was perfect. Almost. If only she was mine.  "Hey girls!" I called as we approached the table. I gave Zoe a wave but she ignored it. As if I didn't exist. "Hi Kira!" Liam exclaimed he looked really happy and his eyes lit up whenever he saw her. And she seemed to have the same reaction whenever she saw Liam. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree with the brightest lights. They looked so happy together. "Hey Liam!" Kira called out "Have you ordered yet? If you haven't, come on! My treat." Liam said as he gave Kira a wink. She stood up carefully and the two of them went up to the cashier to order. Everyone else were at the waiting area waiting for their drinks. Apart from one person... A specific special person. Zoe. This was my chance. My chance to make her mine. "Hi Zoe, what's up?" I asked her "Oh hey....." she said not looking interested in me at all. She just kept staring down at her phone. "So um do you want to go out for pizza or something sometime?" I asked her really quickly. "You mean on a date?" She asked in reply. "Well... um well.... yeah." I stammered.  "Um....... I don't know how to say this nicely but um well I don't want to be mean but um... I'm kinda taken already." she said.   
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