My dream, was real.- One direction

Læs den du bliver ikke skuffet!
Til dem der kan læse engelsk, ellers kan du altid oversætte det ;-)


1. Chapter 1


"Come on Kira! We're gonna be late!" Jess yelled up at Liv's room. We had arrived 20 minutes ago to pick her up and she still wasn't ready. "Just a minute!" she screeched back "We're going to miss our appointment! It's in 30 minutes and it takes 20 minutes to drive there!" Kira screamed "Calm down I'm here." Liv said calmly as she slowly came down the staircase. "Wow girl you look GOOOD!" Olivia exclaimed. "Okay guys we get it. Now let's go." I called to them as I pulled out my car keys and turned the engine on.   When we arrived, there was the biggest mob of girls outside screaming. We elbowed our way through and went inside. "Hello! Welcome to the Martina Jackson record-- oh hey Zoe! If you want to see your mom, she's in her office. Room 13's ready and here's the key." Sarah the secretary said while she smiled and handed me the key.   "This is awesome!" Liv exclaimed as she looked around the room. I was shocked as well. Even though mom owned the studio, I never saw a room as luxurious as this one.  "Okay guys lets get started!" I said enthusiastically while clapping my hands. The girls set up the microphones and the rest of the recording equipment so that we could get started.   We started to sing our first original song that mom let us record. It was great as we all harmonized greatly with each other with me on the guitar. We finished up and were about to leave when 5 of the cutest guys to ever walk the earth came into the room.   "Hey loves... Sorry did we interrupt you're beautiful singing? Sorry we booked the room next and thought you were finished." One of the said with the CUTEST British accent ever.    Kira's POV I couldn't take my eyes off of his face. He was the cutest guy I had ever seen. I looked at the other girls and they were busy staring at the other 4 guys to answer so I decided to build up the courage and finally say " Um.... um Hi no you didn't interrupt anything we just finished up and were about to leave... I'm um um um Kira and um um this is um..." I froze up. I didn't know why I felt like this and this was so unnatural. Usually I was smooth with guys... smoother than any other of the girls in the group... But god he was cute. Luckily Zoe covered for me and she said "I'm Zoe and this is Olivia, Belle and Jessica. We're the Cookie Raiders and this is our first time recording a song." she was so smooth with this guy... Why can't I be like that with guys?  "Cool! I'm um um um Liam and this is um...." the cute guy said... I noticed he was staring at me too... awesome. I hope he liked me too!  "OHHHHHHHHH LIAM HAS A CRUSH ON KIRAAAAAAAA!!!!" one of the guys sand in a cute Irish accent. I could feel my cheeks turn bright red and Liam didn't looked pretty embarrassed as well...  "Anyways, That's Liam, Zayn, Louis and I'm Harry." One of the guys wait Harry. said.  "Cool guys... Sorry we just finished and have to get going do you want to get coffee or something another time?" Zoe asked. "Yeah.... um um sure!" Harry said.  "See you in about 3 hours at Starbucks?" Zoe asked "Yeah sure!" Harry exclaimed "Bye!" we called "Bye!" they chorused in reply. I forced myself to take my eyes off of Liam and walk back to the car.
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