It's 2060, and the world now resembles a desert. The world is ruled by Smile Incorporated, an company which dictates everything. However, the rebels are ready, a force known as the Daredevils, a secret and growing alternate way of living. Phoenix is one of the Daredevils, and she strives to protect her little sister, and at the same time, remove Smile from power. But ultimately, which one is more important to her?


3. Shoot it better

It takes a few minutes for Hawk to get here, and Mockingbird is hiding behind her like a mouse. She has her pistol firmly gripped in her hand, her knuckles going white from her grip. I hug her before walking inside the hideout.

I flick the switch, and the lights flicker on and off. The computers are smashed across the floor. As I walk, the glass snaps under my boots. I look through the den, and stuffed in the corner, is a dying man with a motorbike helmet on. The visor is open, and I shout for Sparrow or Owl. But no one comes, and they reply "Keeping watch here."

I drop to my knees and remove the helmet, and it hits me who it is once I notice the scar running down his face. "Apache..." He strokes my face with his hand, and mutters something I can't work out, before forcing his mouth into a smile. "Kiss me one last time, Phoenix. I missed you, but now I'm dead before I can finish what we started."

I kiss him lightly on the cheek, and he grins "Last kiss for a dying man, and that's all I get. But remember this, Mockingbird is your priority. Not the revolution, not revenge, she is one you have to fight for... And... Whatever you do... Love someone who deserves it."

I laugh but scream when I notice the cold in his eyes. I know he's gone, but I shake him and continue to scream. Sparrow creeps into the room, and shares the same torn look as I do. "You and him..."

I nod and thrown myself onto him,crying into his jacket and hugging him tightly. He hugs me back, and he hums a little lullaby. I grab a knife from his belt and cut off one of the badges from Apache's jacket, a badge featuring a crest of the air force with burning wings.

I search around and find needle and string, and sew it onto my right sleeve. "Come on, we have to get going." Sparrow says, and I all too happily leave the corpse of the man I once loved here. We walk back into the scorching light.

We're greeted by the rest of the team, and I turn my focus back to the complex which has been built. A pristine white anomaly in the dusty and orange burning sand. Everyone's jumpy, but the death of Apache confirms they haven't had the Route for long.

"Phoenix, you have any idea what this is?" Hawk asks, her hands placed impatiently on her hips. I shake my head "Not a clue. Owl?" I direct the question to him and he surveys the building with his hazel eyes, constantly changing shades to adjust to the shifting sun blazing overhead.

"It's a factory. They are using the oasis as a power source for their factory. They are manufacturing guns and ammunition as we speak." Owl concludes after a while, and I nod slowly. Hawk sighs and picks up her sniper "That means a hell of a lot of soldiers." Everybody looks positively depressed, all except Eagle, who grins like a child. This is just his cup of tea.

I knock gently on the door to the complex, and when there's no answer, I ram into the door, which ends with covered in sand. The others start to laugh, and I pout and steal the rocket launcher off Eagle, and run backwards. Everyone runs back and shouts "3,2,1... Fire!"
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