It's 2060, and the world now resembles a desert. The world is ruled by Smile Incorporated, an company which dictates everything. However, the rebels are ready, a force known as the Daredevils, a secret and growing alternate way of living. Phoenix is one of the Daredevils, and she strives to protect her little sister, and at the same time, remove Smile from power. But ultimately, which one is more important to her?


5. Run for lift... Oh... Windows Anyone?

I dart behind the wall, dragging Mockingbird, Frost and Sparrow with me. I poke my head out and scream slightly as a bullet whistles past my ear. "Okay, any ideas?" Frost asks, putting his gloves on, fingerless leather gloves with a desert spider on them. Believe me, I shall have them one day.

"Run? Running sound good to anyone?" Sparrow shouts, hiding behind the wall like a scared kitten. He looks so cute when he does things like this. "That's a great idea, how did you come up with that?" Hawk quipps, standing near a window painted red with blood.

"Hey! I have my moments of genius! It's just you're too serious to see them!

Sparrow shouts back. Hawk points towards a lift off the corridor, shooting those coming too close with her pistol, her sniper hanging off her shoulder and screams "Pheonix! The lift!" I nod, and everyone begins to move except from Frost, who points towards a small room across the corridor. "No! They'll swarm out and kill us all! We need to jump out the building!" I twist on my heels, and I hear Sparrow shouting from behind me "Are you crazy? We'd die for certain!" I nod, and Frost runs up to me, shaking me by the shoulders, sending my hair flying, and stares me in the eye. "Listen to me. There's a parachute. We all can fit. Please, Pheonix, please believe me. Trust me." He pleads, his blue eyes covered by his untidy blond hair, and bits of ice melt and the drops fall on his face.

I look back and nod slowly, before feeling something shoot through my leg, and I drop to the floor screaming with pain. I look down, and realise there's a small hole in my leg, and a short distance up, a flashing light. Frost picks up a piece of shattered glass, his eyes glinting with fear. "What? I got shot. Nothing special?" I ask, but my voice breaks and fear creeps through instead of the confidence I was hoping for. Mockingbird rushes to my side, and is crying. I hug her and whisper things I know aren't true. "It's nothing... I'll be fine..."

Frost shakes his head, and plunges the glass into where the light flashed. I cry out in pain, clutching my leg. He grits his teeth as he works deeper into my leg, and all the time I scream. It's like nothing else, as he tears through flesh to reach a small device covered in blood.

"What the fuck is that?" I scream through gritted teeth, only seeing through eyes blurred with tears. "It would kill you. If you left this in, in 24 hours, you would be dead. First and foremost, it tracks you. Secondly, it releases a poison which drives you insane and eventually kills you. So has anyone else got shot?" Frost answers, looking around everyone else to look for wounds. Sparrow shouts from behind me, and shakes Frost by the shoulders "She would die! Is she going to die?" Frost shakes his head, and offers me a hand up. I grab on and he supports me on his shoulders, and hauls me towards the room.

And true to his word, there's a parachute wrapped up near a stack of ammunition. Frost grabs the parachute, and places a grenade by the wall. I hobble along as the wall gets blown apart, and the concrete flies into our clothes. Frost throws a rope after tying it around his waist and attaching it to the parachute, and we all follow suit, before he rugs of the rope once to check if it will fall apart, and when nothing happens, we all jump out the hole in the wall into the desert night, and to a hail of bullets and dust.

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