It's 2060, and the world now resembles a desert. The world is ruled by Smile Incorporated, an company which dictates everything. However, the rebels are ready, a force known as the Daredevils, a secret and growing alternate way of living. Phoenix is one of the Daredevils, and she strives to protect her little sister, and at the same time, remove Smile from power. But ultimately, which one is more important to her?


4. Frost in the desert

The rocket crashed into the wall, shaking the ground, and we cover ourselves with whatever we can. The rubble kicks up a cloud of dust, and we don some good old fashioned aviator goggles, and I put on my mask, a bright red feathered masquerade style mask.

"Come on!" I shout, and we walk into the pristine white walls of the factory. The emblem of a smiling face is on every door, every sign, every hall. And we make a point to shoot everyone. There is little resistance against us, and the walls turn a crimson.

Mockingbird hides behind me, her hands grabbing at my belt. I smile every once in a while to reassure her, but my own smile always breaks at her face. She is so scared, and there are more of them coming. A fake smile is like poison to her now, and my smile lacks all warm, just replaced by a grim resolve.

We walk on, shooting and massacring the security forces stationed at this factory. The bodies start to pile up in bloody piles across the factory floor, staining the place red. Then, when we're reaching the control room, we notice a trail of blood leading up to a door with a smiling face. We creep up to the door, and notice the bloody handprints behind the glass.

Sparrow pushes the door open, and peeks his head through, before jerking it back out again. He gags and is nearly sick before shouting loudly "It's the laundry room!" I glare at him, and he returns with a serious look "Don't let little Mockingbird in."

I nod slowly and creep inside. And gag and wretch as soon as I get in. Rows and rows of knives, guns, whips and weapons, and 4 hanging corpses. "Stay out!" I shout, and look around for something to set the place on fire, before finding another room tucked away in the corner. The glass is obscured by mist.

I silently spend a minute debating whether to open, and throw my doubts out the hole we blasted in the wall. I ram the door open, and the cold hits me immediately. I hug myself, and I look up to the man grinning at my arrival. "Frost likes deep freeze. Unfortunately, Phoenix can't burn."

My eyes go wide and I laugh "Frost! You bastard! Letting yourself get caught!" I cut the ropes binding his hands and feet, and give a very friendly hug. "Okay, okay, no need to crush me..." he chuckles, and I blush. "But I thought you we're dead! I missed you!" He pats me on the head and swats me away. "I know, I know. You love me. You can't replace me. How's everyone?"

I look down, twiddling my thumbs before answering "My unit is fine but the Jets... Apache... They got ghosted. And I have a feeling they got captured and tourtured too. But Apache is dead." Frost nods slowly, and puts his hand on my shoulder. "He's not been tourtured, right?" I nod and he continued "So, he died honourably, and believe me, apart from spending more time with you, there's nothing he'd rather have done."

I nod, and cover my ears when I hear a loud scream coming from the other room. "Mockingbird!" I shout, and grab my rifle and charge into the hallway, gun ready, only to find that it was smiley mask that Sparrow had put on. She had tried to shoot Sparrow...

"Sparrow, you bloody idiot!" I shout, and hit him across the head with the end of my gun. He groans while everyone else chuckles. "I only put a mask on..." I smirk and cross my arms. "Mockingbird might have shot you. What would I do then?"

"Suffer from misery? Miss me dearly? Want me back?" he asks, and I laugh in his face. "More like comtemplate how quiet it would be. Nah, I'd miss you like hell. After all, someone needs to counter all the seriousness that these lot make." I say, pointing to Hawk in particular. Frost chuckles and looks across "Some things never change... So, my jacket should somewhere in there. Not sure about my rifle."

Hawk eyes open wide as she shouts in disbelief "Frost!" Frost smiles and points to himself. "The one and only! Hi Sis!" Hawk is almost crying as she runs up to him and hugs him. She repeats the same 'I thought you were dead' thing which is muffled into his shoulder and the tears she's shedding. That's the most emotion I've ever seen from Hawk.

I stand there, and a light tap on my side reminds that I have a little crying girl. "Is Sparrow alright? I thought the smiley people had got him." I smile and laugh. "Sparrow would annoy them to death." "Hey! You're far from perfect!" Sparrow shouts from the typical male greeting, a bro hug. Typical men, it comes with a punch. Bro fists!

"Enjoying your little reunion? Good, because you'll spend a lot of time together in that room." a voice declares from up the hallway. A man with a rather exquisite mask of a laughing face stepped into the light, carrying a machine gun and a knife. He wore a white suit with fancy trims at the sleeves and bottom of the trousers, with shining black shoes.

"We're leaving, and you're not going anywhere." I growl, and ready my rifle. Frost curses under his breath and growls "You won't touch her. Or any of them." The man smiles and walks over. "Unfortunately for you, that's where your wrong, Frost. You see, you lot have information, and we want it. Whatever means neccassary. Now crawl back into the cold Frost, and we'll go easy on these lot."

Frost grabs one of the smiles' guns and pointed it at the man. "Never."

And with that, both sides opened fire.
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