It's 2060, and the world now resembles a desert. The world is ruled by Smile Incorporated, an company which dictates everything. However, the rebels are ready, a force known as the Daredevils, a secret and growing alternate way of living. Phoenix is one of the Daredevils, and she strives to protect her little sister, and at the same time, remove Smile from power. But ultimately, which one is more important to her?


1. Listen Up, Birdies

'You're here with me, Master Dare, and I'm here to tell all you daredevils that Jet just got ghosted on route 4. That's right, route 4 is swarming with smiles.'

I knock off the in car radio and hit the gas pedal, the car roaring off into the desert. The car is packed with my team. We all sit in the car, as I drive. Some hang out the window, their hair blowing in the warm air. We all sing loudly, and my little sister, Mockingbird, joins in.

"We ain't gonna back down, We won't ever die, keep your gun close, keep your mask on, lace up your boots, and dance on!"

As we roar past the dusty landscape, we approach our hideout, Nest. It's ours and ours only. We stop and get out, each person taking their time to strike a pose. Each shouting their own names. First, there's Sparrow. He uses my shoulders as a spring to bound up, before tripping over a dead tree. I kick him softly to see if he's still there, and he jumps up with a manic grin and a glint in his eyes.

Hawk leans against our little home, her long blonde hair covering her left eye, but nobody can miss the look of annoyance on her face. She holds her sniper, modified and tweaked to her very specific specifications. "You should be a bloody clown. One day or another, your attitude is going to kill us." she chimes in her icy voice, her mouth accompanying the serious look.

Owl steps in between them, and sighs "Stop squabbling, children! We have bigger problems!" Sparrow pokes him in the forehead and shouts "Cheer up Granddad! We could be getting shot!" Owl shakes his head and walks inside.

And then, there's Eagle. He just struts inside, pretending to shoot people with that bloody machine gun. I swear, it will be the death of me. No doubt, he's thinking heroics in his head, he always is.

And finally, there's me. Phoenix. The brains of this place and the leader. I smile and brush my hair out of the way, which is bright red, hanging down to my waist. I survey the team with my blue eyes, and wave at the door. Inside we go, Birdies.

However, Mockingbird tugs at my sleeves, and I turn around. My little sister, and she shares the same red hair and blue eyes. The same cunning intelligence and brutal humour. But with an innocence I lack. "When can we go to mummy?" she asks, her eyes wide "When can we go home?"

I smile "We are home. This is our nest little mockingbird." But there's an lament in my voice I can't fix. This will never be home until we don't have to hide and we don't have to fight. She knows that I fight to help her, but she knows that I also fight for the cause.

"Okay. I want to talk to Owl. He tells good stories." she says, and skips off and walks next to Owl. I sigh, and Sparrow drops back and gives me a quick hug "Everything alright, Phoenix?" he whipers, and I shake my head, and a single tear falls from my eye. "She wants to go home. She wants mum."

Sparrow hums softly, and I pull out of the hug. "But I'm okay. Remember, we can live forever if we have the time." He smiles, and we both walk into the shack we call home. A singular room, with enough space to fit it the six of us, six beds, a small kitchen and a lot of computers. And a sinle wardrobe for our clothes.

"Everyone. Radio. Channel 17.9." Owl reminds us as he tunes in the radio. The transmission buzzes before a dark voice grates the air. 'This is Master Dare, and we have something to tell you Birdies. Route 4 is swarmed, but saveable. You lot are there to do so. Don't fail us. This is Master Dare, over and out.'

Static picks up in his place, and I sigh and remove my jacket and jeans. My vest and shorts cling to me, and everyone follows suit. It was roasting in here, and everyone lay down for some sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day. The Jets got ghosted, which means that units gone.

I hope that it's not that bad, but I know better.

If only Mockingbird didn't have see this.

I silently cry myself to sleep.
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