32 Winthorpe Lane

Loretta Grahems, Lorrie to most, has always felt that there is a part of her that is missing. Growing up without knowing who your mother is leaves a lot of room to the imagination, especially to aspiring writer Lorrie . Now Lorrie is about to find out who her role model really is, and she may not like the truth. A tale of hardship, loss, betrayal and lies, sometimes it takes someone who didn't turn out to be who you thought they were, to make you see what is really important.


1. The Beginning

I'm shaking right down from my head to my toes. My mind has gone on lockdown, an emotional ability I have developed over the years. When something either heart breaking, nerve wrenching or containing a possible risk of ending in catastrophic circumstances occurs, my brain goes to sleep. My emotions pack up and go home, my feelings go on holidays. It's quite a useful skill really, especially for someone like me, who most of the time is a neurotic, over-emotional wreck. So standing in front of 32 Winthorpe Lane, with nothing but a retired mind and a piece of paper, I extend my hand clasp the gold brass knocker. A door says a lot about the people living behind it. For instance, me and my roommate's door is basic and a dull brown colour, but it's what's on the door that is interesting. Beside the nearly curled off numbers 49, a big noticeboard is on display. Stuck on this is notes, pictures, leaflets, stickers, old assignments, everything. I think this says that even though me and Elsie weren't given much to work with in life, we still made it unique and true to us.

But this door, this door was fancy. From the sophisticated polish of the red frame to the gold letter box, the residents behind 32 Winthorpe Lane were indeed, majorly indulged in riches of the finest art. But there was also scratches and dents in the door, heavily masked by several layers of expensive Crimson paint. Maybe the people living here weren't as perfect as everyone thought...

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