Threats In Disguise (Scira #1)

Time is a strange thing, isn't it?
What do you think will happen in, lets say, forty years?
In this story the world is getting invaded by vampires in the year of 2051.
The main story takes place 450 years after and has a lot of thrilling scenes and romantic events(not sexually)
The story mainly follows a young hulave girl named Elise Morrison, who is in love with a boy who has recently been turned into the creature she hates most of all: a vampire.
Why does Elise hate vampires so much?
Her mother was killed by one, when Elise was only by the age of one.
So what?
The vampire was her mother's former wilave, who had spend his entire life longing for her and her beauty.

Like fantasy, elves, ieles, shape-shifters and vampires? Then you should keep this on alert!


2. One



A town in north Romania—2501


A set of golden eyes stared right into Elise's. She felt her cheeks flush and wanted to turn her head away, but couldn't. She was too hypnotized by the guy's gaze. Too taken by the intense longing, burning inside of them. She studied his hair, trying to figure out what color it had. Was it black? Chestnut? Or just brown? She didn't know. It was like it kept changing.

Elise arched her hand, wanting to touch his smooth-looking skin. Her hand got so close that she could feel the warm buzzing on her finger tips, but then he disappeared into thin air, getting replaced by Keith, her boyfriend. He placed a kiss upon her lips, gazing into her eyes with his midnight-blue ones. For a split second, Elise got disappointed. Why, she didn't know, because she loved Keith with all her heart. She had for a long time.

Almost like he'd sensed her crossed feelings, Keith took a step back, skin waning, and then a set of needle-sharp fangs bolted out of from some place inside of his mouth. Elise recoiled. No. Actually, she seemed to be dragged away from Keith by a set of invisible hands. She screamed, not sure whether it was because of Keith or the invisible force, jerking her towards an old looking forest.

A mile or so inside the forest, Elise came to an abrupt stop, bumping into something warm. She looked up to stare right into the golden-eyed guy's eyes. He offered his hand to her, not seeming to have noticed Keith, running toward them with an unearthly speed. Elise took his hand, and got lifted up by his strong arm. He cupped her chin, lifted up her head, bend down, and kissed her softly. Warmth burst up inside of her. The guy swept her of her feet and held her in his arms while the kiss got more intense. Elise couldn't quite set a finger on the feeling she got. She just felt Safe. Home.

Suddenly, she felt something pierce her neck's vulnerable skin. She yelped, removing her lips from the guy's. Keith had reached them and had now bored his fangs through her neck. He jagged her away from the golden-eyed guy, making Elise feel sick. It was like she had to be embraced by the guy’s warmth. Like his arms—and lips—were where she belonged.

She tried to break free of Keith grasp, but gave up short after, knowing that he was a lot stronger than her. Where was the golden-eyed guy? He had disappeared again, leaving a big lynx instead.

The lynx lunged at Keith from behind, making him let go of Elise. He cursed, but she didn't care, actually didn't care about anything. She felt her body fall to the forest soil, on which they were standing. Then, she didn't feel anything at all—

Elise was jolted out of sleep by something hitting her collar. She sat up abruptly, finding herself next to Keith, on his huge two-man bed. He lay, mumbling incomprehensible words in his sleep.

Just a bad dream, Elise thought while laying down again, listening to the steady sound of Keith's breathing. The cushy atmosphere of Keith's large bedroom seemed to calm her down while the smell of Keith's hair—which she could clearly smell, when only lying with about two inches of space between them—made her strangely tired. She must have slept for more than ten hours, seeing that nightfall was about to hit outside the bedroom's floor-to-ceiling windows.

Considering that Keith had only been a full-fledged vampire for a month or so, his house looked utterly expensive and modern. Take for example his bedroom: the walls were as gold as they could possibly be. The floor covered in a fuzzy black carpet. A big, gold-framed mirror was hanging on the ceiling, paralleled to the bed. And, last but not least, the view from the windows was like taken out from a fairy tale, with its lush green hills and creeks glittering in the light of the sinking sun. Keith's house was placed in the border of town, not showing the true horrors of the life of a hulave—or a poor vampire, for that matter.

"Arianne," Keith muttered while running a shaking hand through his curly, platinum hair, making Elise's gaze drag from the breathtaking view to his slender figure, suddenly restlessly moving around under the thick silk sheets.

"No. Don't!" he almost yelled the last word, making Elise a bit worried. She placed a hand upon his shoulder, trying to calm him down, but only making him seem even more troubled. She weighted the thought of waking him up, but didn't get to make up her mind before his eyes jerked open, the pupils almost so big that Elise couldn't see his irises.

“You’ve ought to stop doing that,” Keith hissed at her after having jolted away from her touch. His midnight-blue eyes were brimming with fury and, something that looked like, terror. His mouth vibrated, making Elise realize that his fangs were on their way out. Her eyes began stinging, not just from the attitude, but also because she knew that he wouldn’t be acting like this, if she hadn’t given him some of her blood. But he had just been so convincing when he’d asked for it. Elise had not been able to turn him down.

Keith continued, “you know I hate being woken up, when I’m dreaming of…” he lost his words, agony filling his pale face. His eyes went glassy, but he tried to hide it by scratching them. “Arianne,” he managed to say at last. He moved back to his old spot beside her, seeking comfort by her embrace. Elise understood his pain, more than anything, but she didn’t like this new side of him. After transforming into a full-fledged vampire, Keith had been easily provoked and angry. He always woke up with a snaky mind, and it hit Elise harder than she’d like to admit. She knew that it wasn’t him, or not the really him, at least. But it still brought her down in ways she couldn’t quite understand.

She caressed his bare chest, still not liking the coolness of his skin. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, glad that she had a positive effect on him, “I just don’t like seeing you in pain.” Keith slowly cocked his head from the big silk pillow, on which it had just rested, to lock gazed with her. He wasn’t showing any trace of the earlier discomfort. “No,” he said under a heavy sigh. Then took her fragile hand—the one she had nuzzled his chest with—and kissed it softly.  “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. I just—”

“It’s not your fault,” Elise broke him off, “you dreamed of your sister, and that upsets you.” She touched his cheek lightly. “Besides, it is what it does to you,” she knew that he knew what she meant, but explained anyways. “Being a vampire.”

“I know you don’t like it, Lise,” Keith said softly, “I know you hate the monster I’ve become. But I’m not Thomas..” He placed a tender kiss upon her lips and got out of the bed, then slowly walked toward the door. “I’m not going to kill anyone you care for. Not like he has.” And by that, he left the room, leaving her behind in her misery.




—I'm currently working on this chapter!


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