Threats In Disguise (Scira #1)

Time is a strange thing, isn't it?
What do you think will happen in, lets say, forty years?
In this story the world is getting invaded by vampires in the year of 2051.
The main story takes place 450 years after and has a lot of thrilling scenes and romantic events(not sexually)
The story mainly follows a young hulave girl named Elise Morrison, who is in love with a boy who has recently been turned into the creature she hates most of all: a vampire.
Why does Elise hate vampires so much?
Her mother was killed by one, when Elise was only by the age of one.
So what?
The vampire was her mother's former wilave, who had spend his entire life longing for her and her beauty.

Like fantasy, elves, ieles, shape-shifters and vampires? Then you should keep this on alert!


1. Prologue




A town in north Romania—2486


Thomas looked up, walking on the gravel road after having left the front door of his cramped house. It was a cold September evening. In the middle of the musky, almost stain free sky was a big, heart shaped cloud. the top of it was pink, like bubble gum, while the rest of it was a depressing, grayish white.

Thomas scoffed, thinking of the quest he was on. Wasn't a heart shaped cloud not just a little too ironic? Wasn't the symbol of love not just a bit cruel, when thinking of what he was about to do?     

She's getting what she deserves, a small voice whispered inside his head. He had loved her, given her anything, and not once, doubted any of her crazy ideas. Not once! And how had she showed him her gratitude?

By leaving him behind. By abandoning him with that filthy, old, lame excuse of a vampire, Rufus. She had left him alone to be tortured. Tortured until he had come up with a stupid lie, which not even a drunk man would have believed. And had then been tortured a little more.

Thomas booted a fist sized rock, making khaki colored dust rise in the foggy air.

How could he have been so stupid? How could he have loved a woman like that, even after all the crap she'd brought him through?

Humans, he thought while a smirk appeared on his pale face. Stupid humans with their stupid love.

He had been blinded by her long, straight, almond colored hair. The harmonic tone to her laugh and the spark, always seeming to show up in her eyes, every time she got exited or mad. Those eyes which were so hypnotizing that she could have gotten any man she'd like.

He clearly remembered the first time he'd laid eyes on her: they'd both just turned twelve—the serving age, as it was called—and had both been almost jogged out of the rusty hulave carts, in which they'd been brought to their new home. Even with her long hair muddled and her eyes filled with tears, Ana had looked like an angel, making Thomas lose his breath by just taking one glance at her.


The thought of her name infuriated him, made his tall body tense and his large hands fist. She was the one that was going to make him turn. She was the only one he wanted to get turned by. He wanted to suck her dry, making his transformation to becoming a vampire complete. Making him a complete master of the shadows.


When Thomas reached the large redwood forest, lingering right outside town, he started running. He had got to reach her before she was fully awake, which must have been in an hour or so. As he ran past an old redwood, ninety yards tall, it amazed him how fast he could run, almost as fast as a car on a highway.

He was still quite new at being a processor—had actually been turned exactly two months ago, which was almost two years after Ana had abandoned him.

That evening, when Thomas had woken up, Rufus had been drunk on human blood, just making the old vampire want more. Right when Thomas had gotten out into the kitchen of their large, almost mansion looking house, Rufus had dug his fangs right into Thomas' neck. When Thomas had figured out that Rufus wasn't going to stop, he'd pierced the vampires skin with a knife, which had been placed on a table nearby. Rufus hadn't cared and had just continued drinking, not noticing Thomas stroking a trembling finger over the wound, whereafter he'd put the finger in his mouth.

The morning after Rufus had left Thomas, dead on the kitchen's linoleum floor, Thomas had awoken with a strange feeling, brimming inside of his sour body. It was not until the next evening that he'd found out what the feeling had been.

An urge for revenge. Revenge over the person who he'd before oath his life to.


When the dark had at last taken over the forest, Thomas reached the small cabin in which Ana had hid for the past two years. He came to a halt, feeling the damp ground beneath his bare feet. Not that he didn't wear clothes, but right since he had gotten turned into a processor, he had always found his lack of physic feelings interesting, and had therefore chosen to stop wearing socks, shoes and boxers. On the rest of his body, he wore a black button-up shirt, a gray duster and a pair of black pants. Black as his shoulder long hair.

As Thomas reached the front door and knocked, he braced himself for what he was about to do. A small part of him just couldn't forget the soft feel of her skin against his—not that they'd been intimate, but when they'd been wilaves, their master had only given them one bed to share.

You. Hate. Her, his inner voice sounded from inside his head. But did he really? How could being a processor have changed his feelings for her?

She betrayed you. Left you to be tortured. You are only taking what is rightfully yours.

Maybe his inner voice was right. She had betrayed him. Abandoned him. Ignored his love for her in all the twelve years they'd lived together. Even loved another man in the end. A man who had left her right after he'd gotten what he had come for. If she wanted to get used, that was her own fault, but Thomas found it strange when thinking about Ana in general.

She had always had a very strong personality and had not once, before that strange —handsome, Thomas had to admit—man, let anyone use her like that. She had always had enough self-respect to turn her, almost daily, offers down. When Thomas thought about it, the strange man was actually the first Ana had ever been in love with. The strange man had swept her of her feet, with his platinum locks and crystal-blue eyes.

Ana didn't answer the door. Thomas knocked again, just to get another, oh yeah, nothing. No one answered the door.

"An," Thomas called, hoping he could convince her to answer it. Like she had the first time he'd been at the cabin.

A month after Ana had abandoned him, a note had lied on his pillow when he'd come home from the marked. It had said;


I'm sorry! I don't know what happened, I must have just freaked!

Walk into the forest, near the butcher's shop.

Walk straight south until you reach a small cabin.

I'll be waiting for you.




Thomas heard something move inside the cabin, where after a small click appeared from the lock of the big mahogany door. He saw a known lock of almond hair, knowing that if he didn't bite her soon, he would chicken out.

Do it, the voice sounded from inside his head, now!

The last thing Thomas heard before going for Ana's neck was a, "Tho—"

When his teeth—one didn't have fangs before becoming a full processed vampire—pierced Ana's neck, and a rich taste of iron mixed with something else hit his senses, Thomas heard a loud moan of pain coming out her mouth. He was too overwhelmed by the smell of her hair to notice that she short after started sobbing. He cupped the back of her head, feeling how soft her hair truly were. His other arm was around her waist, making it impossible for her to dodge.

Something suddenly caught Thomas' attention—not that he stopped drinking from Ana's neck, but it just kinda startled him—was the agonizing sound of baby cries.

Baby cries? What?

He decided to save it for later and just enjoy the feeling of Ana's body against his. She had stopped trying to bolt out of his grasp. Had stopped sobbing. She, in fact, didn't move at all.

Thomas lowered her to the ground when he was finished drinking from her, trembling all over his body.

She only got what she deserved, the voice inside his head reminded him. But if she did, then why were tears brimming his eyes? Why did he feel like he had just lost a big part of himself?

Thomas kneeled beside Ana, lowering his head to her chest.

No heartbeat.

She was dead.


He moved his head to be placed paralleled with hers, studying her beautiful, sea-green eyes for the last time. They looked empty, and were filled with even more tears than his were. One of his landed beside her flushed lips before he placed a kiss upon them, overwhelmed by their softness. They felt like rose-peddles. His whole body shivered in a mix of pleasure and sorrow.

Their first and only kiss, and she had been dead during it.

She got what she deserved, the voice kept going inside his head.

At last, Thomas got to his feet while studying Ana's motionless body. She looked so small and fragile, almost like a child. Not that she was much higher than a child, with her five feet and three inches. She looked so beautiful, even in dead.

The baby cries started to piss Thomas off. Why were there babies here, anyway?

He followed the sound into a small nursery.

The room was yellow walled, just like the rest of the cabin, and didn't contain much: just a table, a dresser and a crib. In the crib two babies lie, crying while kicking hysterical with their tiny legs. They were dressed in two small nightgowns with names on. Elise on the first and Denise on the second.

Elise looked just like her mother: she had exactly the same sea-green eyes, the same hair color and the same nose.

Denise on the other hand, didn't look like Ana at all: her hair was curled and platinum blond, her eyes crystal-blue, and her bone structure looked completely different from Ana's, too.

It's not her daughter, the inside voice told him, giving him an odd feeling. Why would she have a baby who wasn't hers?

Take them, the voice demanded. Raise them and make them your hulaves. Then you and Ana are even.

Should he? Or should he just leave them behind to die?

He cast another look at Elise, a tear running down his cheek. Her dark eyes looked so much like Ana's.

He took her in his arms, making her cry even more. Then took the other baby, too, and walked out the room. Out of the cabin. Out of the forest. Back into the small town. And inside his cramped home.



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