Mind escape

William Phillips was a murderer on the lose after killing his family and three women. Bella Ramos was on her way home after her family went on vacation. When Phillips kidnapped Bella after hitting their car and taking her from her parents crushed car. After Bella escapes Phillips,she tries to return to her life. But after Phillips escapes from prison he goes after Bella. Will she make it out alive?


2. a man named William Phillips

"Who was he?" I asked the doctor. The doctor looked up from his computer. I've been hanging out in his office all day answering questions but now it was my turn. "The man you kidnapped you?" Dr. Fields asked. I nodded. He leaned back in his chair. "William Phillips is a 47 year old man who killed his wife and 3 kids 6 years ago. He disappeared before we could catch him. Then, 4 years ago, he killed another woman and her 12 year old son. You are the only victim that ever got away." Dr. Fields said smiling. "How did I get away?" I asked. "We found Phillips in an abandoned house in the woods. He was laying on the floor with scratches on the his face and bullet holes in his heart. You killed him." Dr.Fields said. I looked at him as he looked back at me. I killed him. I don't remember any of it but I killed William Phillips. A murderer who won't kill anyone anymore becuase he was dead. I killed him.

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