Mind escape

William Phillips was a murderer on the lose after killing his family and three women. Bella Ramos was on her way home after her family went on vacation. When Phillips kidnapped Bella after hitting their car and taking her from her parents crushed car. After Bella escapes Phillips,she tries to return to her life. But after Phillips escapes from prison he goes after Bella. Will she make it out alive?


1. The doctor said

I woke up with a light shining in my eyes. I slowly lifted my head up to get my eyes out if the light. "Beep...Beep...Beep.." I heard as I looked at a monitor next to the bed. I was in a hospital. My dad was sitting on a chair next to the bed. He was sound asleep with his head rested on the head of the chair. The door to the room was wide open and there were nurses and doctors walking past with clipboards and other patients. I tried to move but I felt paralyzed. I looked down in my lap where my hands were. There were scratches along my wrist like a band. My arms were cut up and my right side had bandages on it. "Bella." I looked up and saw a doctor walking in and closing the door behind him. My dad instantly woke up. He looked at me and saw that I was awake and hugged me tightly. I didn't know why I was here or how I got here. I wanted to hug my dad back but I couldn't manage to move my arm around him. I stared blankly at the doctor. My dad finally released his tight grip and sat back down. "How are you feeling Bella?" The doctor asked. My lips felt screwed shut but I managed to whisper out "I'm fine." "Do you remember what happened that brought you here?"The doctor asked. I thought back to the last thing I remembered. I opened my mouth. It was dry but it was easier to speak now. "I remember ... sleeping in the car." I said. The doctor and my dad looked at each other. "Is it alright if I have a few minutes with Bella? I just need to ask her a few questions." The doctor said. My dad got up from the chair by my bed and left the room leaving the door slightly cracked open. "Okay Bella, My name is Dr.Fields. I'm just going to ask you a few questions, okay?" I nodded. He grabbed his clipboard and pen. "What is your last name?" He asked. "Ramos." I replied, "When is your birthday?" All of these questions were stupid. "My birthday is March 26. It's July and the last thing I remember is driving home from Arizona where I was visiting my family. I don't know why I'm here but I do know who I am. These questions are stupid and I just want to know what happened to me and why I'm sitting here in a hospital two months after I was in a car with my family." I said annoyed. There was a pause as the doctor put the cap back on his pen and put his clipboard down on the table by my bed. "I was supposed to wait to tell you but if you really want to know what happened I will tell you." He continued. "The last thing you remember was sleeping in the car while you and your family were driving back home to Colorado from Arizona. While you were sleeping, a man hit your car on purpose. We assume you didn't wake up because your body was in trauma. The man who hit your car was a muderer on the lose who had taken you from the crushed car and left the scene immediatley. We don't know exactly where he took you but you escaped. You managed to find a police officer on the side of the highway who was patrolling anyone speeding. He took you to the nearby hospital. You had cuts on your arms, hands, and wrists, a black eye, and a broken rib on your right side. The cuts were deep so they haven't completely healed yet."

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