The Amazing world of....Ashleigh's story book! (And friends.)

I started a book at school it had a lot of useless stuff in it so why not start one on here with my friends? Just for a laugh.


1. Welcome to my world.

  Welcome people to my world, lets have a look inside mine and friends minds, and it they don't write anything I will just write for them haha. Once you are inside my mind you wont leave, you will think like me and act like me.... Only joking ha. Me and my friends talk about a load of rubbish if I believe on Facebook they are talking about bananas? and how friends are like them. I don't know so don't ask, you will figure out that ashleight607 is the normal one. 

In my world I can see nothing going wrong, why cant everyone get along? Oh well they want to argue let them go ahead, just leave me out. Now lets have some information about Emma389 shall we? 

I think she is the craziest out of the lot, and please don't be scared about anything I say we are weird, but you all will wish you could meet us once we are done. Emma now where should I begin? Lets start with her personality. she doesn't get scared easily and will speak her mind. Stood up to our teacher and went to guidance on him remember that Emz? She will defend her friends and I will not accept that she has NEVER WATCHED GREASE!!! I will not!! 


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