The Amazing world of....Ashleigh's story book! (And friends.)

I started a book at school it had a lot of useless stuff in it so why not start one on here with my friends? Just for a laugh.


5. Warhorse.

Watching warhorse with Emma. (never even got halfway through it.) and she goes. "Oh I know what's going to happen, he's going to train the Horse REALLY good then race him and then the horse dies." I look at her as if to say 'You serious?'

"Emma, its called WAR horse. WAR." I look at her. "Oh so he's gonna train it really good then fight it and then he will die?" I shake my head. "Whatever you want to believe Emma."

then everyone is wearing hats and we shout. "YOU DONT NEED HATS ITS NOT RAINING!" for the whole part of film we watched until it began to rain. "YOU DONT NEED AN UMBRELLA, YOU HAVE A HAT!!!!" we both shout and talk bout how they dont need hats for bout five to ten minutes.

Once again I AM THE NORMAL ONE!!!!

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