The Amazing world of....Ashleigh's story book! (And friends.)

I started a book at school it had a lot of useless stuff in it so why not start one on here with my friends? Just for a laugh.


10. The stick continued.

Correction my dear Emma. I shall tell the story, This is Ashleigh telling how the story really went.

It was such a glorious day at the riverside and Me, Emma and Ross found a very large stick. I took one end, Emma the middle and Ross the front. We chased people with it and oh what a laugh we had. I remember it like it was just a nfew days ago.

Well Emma left me and Ross to chase after someone and the stick jabbed ny side so I left it, and found a bigger BETTER stick. It was all wonky with two spiky bits coming out the end (Lets put it this way it was sharp)

Well I was on top of my spaceship and thought, someone will steal my ship so i requested my large stick to fend of the enemy. It was perfect for impaleing people. It kept the enemy at bey.

Well if I recall Ross flipped someone and I thought I am NOT having my title as champion taken away from me!!!!! So as I am very strong willed I takled him. He lay there on the ground as I took a victory lap to all my soldiers. They cheered and high fived me.

I turned to see him off the ground and charging me. He lifted me up and dropped me on the ground (He hurt my back) So once again I had to defend my title so I got up, ignoring my back ingury, and tackled him again. Feeling that I had won I retreated to my throne (Swing) to take my place as vitcor.

I was talking to Emma and Liam when someone went Ashleigh. I looked to see the dastirdly villans Morgan and Ross running off with my jewles. I ran at them. they never noticed I was coming and tackled Morgan. Retrieving my jewels I retreated back to my throne. While ross and Morgan lay laughing and fighting.

Ross then decided to tackle Erin. So being the good champion that I am I went to help my friend. Me, Erin and Ross tackled each other and I flipped Ross, Unfortunatly I went down as well but I was quick to my feet not risking another attack. He just lay there and Erin kicked him telling him "Dont do that Again!"

Then me and Emma began our duel over my sword (Stick) and it was a bloddy battle, full of inguries and deaths. I was lucky to come out of the battle with only a wounder arm and side. (Graze on my arm and a bruise on my side.) Unfortunatly Emma died a tragic death.

While mourning the death of Emma we went to mourn with some Rum and whiskey in our great crystal glass cups. (Lemonade and our flouresent green cups I bought for 47p) It was a magnificent feast of suckling pig and the finest of puddings. (Chocolate slices for £1 which i went halfers with Liam for) so after that we retreated back to the round table, with all but one person surviving.


but out of the shadows emerged a figure, one arm missing and side bleeding out, Emma was given life again. because she couldnt die. She traded her soul. She now lives amoung us as a figure of the undead.

I really think my version is better :D it is the truth. I have proven that I am not a weirdo and was just defending my title as champion. I think it is safe to say...My title was defended and Ross wont be quick to challenge me again :D





Emma here, just to let you all know that she was obv high when she wrote this and just reminding you about this whole thing has kinda turned into a battle of who is the most normal.......HOW THE HELL IS THAT NORMAL ?! thank you for reading my input :) 




Ashleigh again.... Just to tell you that I was not high and EVERY sane person could have seen that the night went exactly the way I told it. Emma's way is soooo not realistic enough!!! I am the normal one and am a champion of war and battles galore. I am known as Ashleigh the champion! I defend my title with the force of 1000 buffalo. The sting of 100 wasps. and the memory of 2000 elephants. I never forget, and i will not forget the sacrifice Emma done that day. She died trying to fight for my sword, and I drunk to her health in the afterlife. I prayed for her and she was returned to us, minus one limb. Ashleigh the CHAMPION has spoken. I am the normal one. 

I am the Champion Of Wick. 

Thought i would put this in :D Ashleigh :D xxx




wounder who this could be? It little old Emma, here to let everyone know once again how big and fat Ashleigh's imagination is and i dont think she can tell the difference between reality and fantasy ;) after saying she fought and something about buffalo and elephants, i clearly see this as unstable memory loss, where she replaces every bit of reality she forgets (eg - me being the most amazing person in the world and me being an amazing friend) and replaces it with fantasy (eg - me not being normal and not being realistic enough). See how sophisticated and well educated i am?



I just know your going to say thank you about correcting you and letting you know about your memory loss, and i say to you - your welcome :) FAE EMMA :D xxx


Hahahaha now we know who has the bad memory. Emma? Amazing? You Emma are the one with a bad memory replacing it with things you want to hear. Keep on dreaming Emma, QUEEN OF THE FINGERS!!!! haha never gonna live that down 

luv Ashleigh xx

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