The Amazing world of....Ashleigh's story book! (And friends.)

I started a book at school it had a lot of useless stuff in it so why not start one on here with my friends? Just for a laugh.


7. Random bit

Hey, sup , hi , hai , hiya and hello  this is just a random page within the book where I (morgan) will talk complete nonsense , quite simply because I got told by Emma and Ashleigh that i should write something in here , so i am , and this is it , here it is. Today was the day the police came to my door , not because of a noise complaint but because i covered my entire naked body in vaseline and pretended to be a slug on my neighbours lawn , I'm not not allowed into my own back garden and I also had to apologize for my drugged up mishaps .....none of the above is true i just needed to fil the page with something , i guess this is all the writing i will do today as i still have a freaking essay to write and im looking for idea to get my hair cut like....My life is so interesting <3 BAI xx



1. Cant tell you how glad! that that is a lie! 

2. Vaseline? Why?

3. What you getting your hair like? 

Luv Ash :D xx

Heyo ashybum , its gonna be FREAKING PURPLE :D :D :D 

and , i am your slug :3  - Morgan x


O_O Ok Morgan, Whatever you say. I cant wait to see your hair though :D it will be EPIC. :D :D

Not sure I want a slug though. 

I told you all I am the normal one O_O I told you!!!! ~* Ashleigh normal my butt XD and yah next week, cannot wait at all :3 x - Morgan xx

This story proves I'm the normal one :D Ashleigh xx

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