The Amazing world of....Ashleigh's story book! (And friends.)

I started a book at school it had a lot of useless stuff in it so why not start one on here with my friends? Just for a laugh.


4. mine and Emma's convo.

OK we were walking down the street and Emma asked me 'Why does Spongebob live in a Pineapple?" I said "Spogebob is rich and everyone loves him." (Or something along that lines.) 

"But why does he live in a pineapple?" She asked again. 

"Well do you live in a pineapple?" She shook her head. "No." 

"Well there's your answer." She thinks. "So why does he have only one Pineapple?" She asked. "He actually has two summer pineapples, but we don't know where they are or everyone would want to visit him." I laugh. "I want to visit him! I'm going to drink all the water until there is only him and his pineapple left.... But I'm not going to drink the sharks." I shake my head. "Well, I think his name is just Bob. Cause they have just put Bob at the end of Sponge BOB. so that's like me calling you Human Ashleigh or Dog Ruby." 

I liked Emma's theory so I answer with. "Monkey Emma.... OR Orangotang  Emma." I wait for her to catch on. "Yea...Wait... Oi!" 

I really cant remember much more of the convo but I can tell it got weirder, I think I am the normal one.  told you all I was the normal one out of us. Meatball (Emma) Bring on the best you got :D This is war!!! Joke.... OR IS IT!!!!! 

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