The Amazing world of....Ashleigh's story book! (And friends.)

I started a book at school it had a lot of useless stuff in it so why not start one on here with my friends? Just for a laugh.


12. I should be a Lawyer after this....



 -clears throat-


Emma Macdonald,               I am taking you into custody for unacceptable usage of punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

anything you say will be put into the records and used against you in court

and made to sit a class with Miss Macarthur on how to writeit is in your best interests to remain quiet the penalty will be removal of all communication devices

until you can learn your grammar, sentence structure and spelling skill at a primary five level

refusing to go to the class will result in a painful death observed by the whole school your faithfully Ashleigh.L.Tucker


Dam anyone would want me representing them in court :D comment if you would :D I have won every one of you case's :D I have won: 0/0 


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