Running from a Killer.

The gang is back, and this was actually the first story they were all included in. :D


4. Newbies.


“Is this a military camp or something? It seems like it.” Frances got everyone’s phones placing them in the box. “I hope not. I am NOT getting up at like five in the morning to exercise.” Erin slumped against the wall. “I think nobody would Erin.” Holly agreed sitting next to her. “Where are we supposed to go?” Morgan looked around. “Is someone going to show us to our rooms?” They let out a moan.

“Look what I found next to the books on the desk.” Frances came back with a pile of books and six keys sitting on top of the pile. “Right got the keys. Now what direction?” Emma helped Frances with the books handing them out to the group. Everyone shrugged. Out of the corner of her eye Erin spotted two shadows, moving down the hall.

“Be quiet, you want to get us caught again?” A hushed voice hovered down the corridor. “It was you who got us caught last time.” Another voice a bit louder this time. The group giggled to themselves. “Ah what was that for?”                                   

 “Because it was actually your loud voice that got us caught moron.” Frances nodded at the group. Then called. “Actually I believe it was you both.”                                                                                                 

 “Exactly see.... Wait. Dam we’ve been caught again!” the first voice cursed. The footsteps came up the hall and two boys walked round the corner. One was quite tall, brown hair that came down to his ears. He was wearing a blue jumper and jeans. The second smaller but still tall, dark strawberry blonde hair that reached the tips of his ears. He was wearing a striped top with tracksuit bottoms. “It’s ok, it’s only newbie’s.” The taller one waved his hand and let out a sigh. “Thought we were in for it.”

“Who are you? And can you help us?” Erin asked as politely as possible. “I’m Christopher, and this moron is Ross.” The shorter one waved. “Hi, Oi I’m no moron.”                                                                                                      

  “I disagree. Where you needing to go?” Christopher looked around the group, who just returned with puzzled faces. “Ahh, you guys missed the tour. Guess you want your rooms. Well we will show you. What are your room numbers?” Everyone gave Christopher their keys. “11, 28, 4, 20, 19 and 15. This way.” Ross walked down the hall with Christopher. Grabbing their bags they followed. “Those rooms sound like they are nowhere near each other.” Erin whispered to Frances and she nodded.

Following the boys they came to a long hall, filled with doors. Little brass numbers were on the doors, some decorated with pictures and whiteboards saying ‘Keep out’. Passing the rooms they came to a wooden door that had the number 4 on it. “Whose room was this?”  Ross turned round dangling the key in front of him. “Mine.” Ashleigh stepped forward taking the key. “Thanks. I will unpack then come find you guys. If it doesn’t get too late or I dont get lost.” She smiled at the group, turning the key and entering the room.

They continued until they dropped Frances off at 11, Holly at 15 and Emma at 19. “What’s the time?” Morgan asked Erin. “I don’t know, they took our phones remember.” The boys leading the way laughed. “What’s so funny?” Ross looked at them stopping. He pulled out a thin phone with blue rims.

“How you get that, they took ours.” Morgan took the phone making sure it was real. “Watch it, dont let the cameras see.” He pointed at a small red light that just poked out of the ceiling. He changed his voice into a whisper. “You can get anything, if you have the right connections.”He winked at Morgan. “Good you met us first.” Erin and Morgan laughed. “Could you get us one?” Erin gestured to the phone. “Well we could try; you might need to talk to the guy yourself.” They stopped outside the room with 20 on it. “This is me.” Morgan got her key and went into the room.

“See you in a while Erin. Wait do you guys know somewhere to hang out?” They grinned at each other. “Where do you think we were going?”


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