Running from a Killer.

The gang is back, and this was actually the first story they were all included in. :D


2. Bus.


7am the next morning the girls hugged their parents. All saying. ‘I dont want to go, I’m going to miss you.’ For the parents to reply. ‘I will miss you too, but you have to go, call me when you get there. I love you.’ They climbed onto the big blue bus. There was a row of two then a row of three, all with a horrible beige coloured pattern on them.

“Morning girls.” The bus driver tipped his hat to them as they rushed to the back seats. They watched their parents placing their large bags in the compartment under the bus. The bus roared when the driver turned the key. It shook as it left the car park. Looking out the back window the girls all had tears running down their cheeks. But they put a strong face of for their parents.    

The journey was endless. The girls sat in silence for the first hour of the trip. Then played eye spy for ten minutes. After another half hour they ran out of games. “What now?” Erin asked the group. “Don’t know... What do you think it’s going to be like? The school.” Morgan bit her lip. “I suspect like any ordinary school. Teachers, buildings, except we will have our own rooms.”Holly continued reading her book.

“Right, let’s think positive guys.” Emma clapped her hands getting out her IPod. “I mean we are on a bus and are sitting not speaking when we could be having fun.” They all mumbled out their agreements.

“Get the tunes on.” Morgan pumped her fist in the air. Emma put her IPod on shuffle and they all stood up dancing round the bus singing ‘Rock party anthem’. Ashleigh sat next to Frances and Erin on the back of the seats. Holly continued to read her book, Emma falling over all the seats and landing next to Morgan who just laughed.

Emma went round taking lots of pictures all pulling funny faces. The bus driver occasionally turned around but ignored what they were doing. Raking through her bag Ashleigh found an old notebook with a few untouched pages.                           

“Guys, lets write a message to the passing cars.” They all grinned rushing and grabbing pieces of paper scribbling things down on them. Morgan wrote. ‘She rapes children cause she’s the boss.’ Emma wrote. “I SEE YOU PEE!!” and the others were just as disturbing. Holding them up to the window they got a lot of scared faces and dirty looks from passersby.

Rolling on the floor laughing at one teenage boy who wrote back saying. “Awesome, you girls are cute, can I get Ur phone numbers? Mine is 097238009” then his mum hitting him across the head mouthing sorry to us. When she went to overtake he mouthed call me putting his hand up to his ear making the phone sign. His mother hit him again. “OMG that was funny.” Erin was red in the face from laughing.

“Yeah it was. Put the music back on.” Morgan playfully pushed Emma. Emma put it back on this time it was ‘Jar of hearts’ and they were belting it out at the top of their voices. That continued the rest of the trip.


It was dark by the time the bus stopped in the middle of nowhere. A small yellow bus sat in front waiting. The bus driver transferred the suitcases from the bus to the small yellow excuse of a bus. “Righty girls, this is your stop.” They were confused they couldn’t see a school, only trees.

“OK.... Where is the school?” Frances looked at the endless amount of trees. The driver pointed at the yellow vehicle. “It will take you the rest of the way.” His voice was ruff and he sounded tired. He looked like he had three day stubble forming after one day. They slowly got off the bus and onto the cramped yellow thing.

A man with blond hair, quite broad turned round and faced them. “I’m the Janitor. You will be quite it is a five to ten minute drive, depends how you behave. I am not scared to pull over give you a map and drive away.” He opened the glove compartment and revealed a handful of maps. The girls gulped exchanging glances. They were going to be quiet.

They sat in silence looking out the windows as they drove through the dark forest on an old dirt road, that couldn’t have been used every week as grass was poking out the ground. Looking out the back window they could see the dirt dust cloud vanish. There were no lights, no other houses or cars. It looked abandoned. The forest was overgrown, some branches leaning over the road, but the driver drove right over them.

The place was downright creepy, like you would see in a horror movie. They expected the bus to break down and a monster to come and eat them, or the driver to kill them. Finally they saw a faint light flickering on big red iron gates. It had ‘JENISONS BOARDING SCHOOL’ written in big gold letters.

A tall, white, brick wall with barbed wire at the top stood at either side of the gate and ran into the forest. Holly couldn’t help but notice the ‘High Voltage, Beware.’ Sign on the side of the wall. The janitor spoke into a walky talkie asking for the gates to be opened; they drove through, for them to close with a loud clang behind them. The place sent goose bumps up everyone’s arms. Why would their parents send them here? Well there was no doubt... No murderer would find them here in the middle of nowhere. At Jenison’s boarding school.

“Get out.” the janitor opened the door and they scrambled out. He opened the boot and threw their bags on the grass. “Watch it!” Frances went and picked up her bag. He let out a grunt then climbed into the bus, revving the engine and leaving.

“Rude much, everyone better not be like that.” Holly collected her bag, everyone done the same. Turning round they could make out a massive old gray building. Ivy grew up the sides and that was the only colour in the place. It had big wooden doors the colour had faded. Ashleigh nudged Frances and Morgan then started waving. They laughed and done the same. “What are you doing?” Holly asked putting her hands on her hips. Ashleigh pointed at a red light coming from the corner of the building. “Cameras.” Holly sighed. “Easily amused.” Laughing they all made their way across the grass. 

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