Running from a Killer.

The gang is back, and this was actually the first story they were all included in. :D


3. Arrival.


“Ahhh Girls you have arrived, I thought you would be here much earlier, you missed the tour sorry.” A tall slender woman, Black hair tied back in a bun clasped her hands in front of her waist. She was wearing a long black dress with a white polo shirt underneath it. Her heals clicked on the wooden floor as she walked towards the group. She walked past them closing the door. The girls felt like it was a trap.

She circled them, examining them. “We will have to get your uniform. They will be delivered to your rooms in the morning. Your books are sitting on the desk but first.” She clicked her fingers and three tall men walked out of a random room. “Bag search’s. Make sure you dont have anything harmful or against school regulations.” They clung onto their bags only to have them taken away, placed on a desk and the unknown men look through them.

They removed shampoos, conditioners, Moisturiser, nail clippers, scissors, makeup and more things that were harmless. “You can’t be serious... The shampoo! Moisturiser... How are they harmful?” Erin stood shoving her stuff back into her bag. “You will be supplied with all essentials.” The woman looked down her nose at them. She removed practically half the stuff in their cases. The woman held out a box. “Mobiles.”              

“What?” The group replied at the same time. “I am NOT giving you my mobile.” Emma held her phone in her hand. “Like you use it.” Ashleigh replied placing her phone in the box. “How are we meant to phone home?” she asked the woman. “You won’t get to, if your parents call we will send for you, otherwise you won’t.” Their mouths dropped.

“I’m sorry Miss... What is your name?” Morgan waited for an answer. “You will call all members of faculty, Miss or Mr. No other name is given.” She pursued her lips.  “Well Miss, this isn’t fair, we need contact.” She chuckled. “You are at a school love, there are others here.” She spun on her heel and marched down the hall. 

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