Running from a Killer.

The gang is back, and this was actually the first story they were all included in. :D


1. The Note.


 “I dont want to go, I say bring whoever sent these notes on!” Emma stood in front of her friends “I agree, bring them on. It’s probably a hoax anyways.” Ashleigh stood by Emma arms folded across her chest. “I think we should go guys, what if it’s not. You won’t be so brave then will you? Plus we will all be together.” Erin reasoned with us. Frances, Holly and Morgan agreeing with her. “So you just want to leave our home town because of a little note.” Emma turned away. “I can’t leave this place; it’s our home we grew up here.”                                                                                                                                                          “It will be alright Emma we will all be going together; we wouldn’t go if it wasn’t necessary.” Frances sat on the wall playing with her thumbs. “You think I want to go, leave all my family behind. Well I dont. No one does but we have to, plus our parents have paid for it already. We dont have a say they are doing what is right.” Frances clenched her jaw.

Ashleigh let out a sigh. “Fine, I will go without any shouting or fighting as long as we all stick together.” The whole group looked at Emma. She grunted. “Fine.” The group beamed at her.


Walking inside Erin’s house they went up to her room. Holly held back a bit and found the note Erin was sent.                                                                                                                                                                         You all better watch out because your friend was the first to go, but anyone of you could be next, there is no where you can hide, I will find you in the end.


Holly shuddered after reading the note and put it back down. Nobody recognised the handwriting and the signature was a little sun at the bottom of the page. Heading up the stairs she saw the massive bowls of Doritos, Smarties and Popcorn sitting on the floor. The group all digging into them. Morgan and Ashleigh sat with two massive bottles of red rooster getting hyper with every sip. Until it got to the point they were singing trying to cheer everyone up.

It worked, they soon forgot about the death threat notes and the death of one of their close friends, and laughed having fun like they used to. Around 12ish everyone left. They would see each other when they caught the bus tomorrow to go to Jenison’s boarding school. Which they were going to against their will. 

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