A party of mystery.

this is a story about a boy that went to a halloween party and then a girl came, will he find out who it is?


2. Her...

Oliver sat on the bench for about five minuets day dreaming about random thing that has happend in his past like going to the park and the funfair with his friends even though they where his only friends. He took his glasses of to wipe them as they were a bit dirty.

"Oliver, i've allways had a crush on you." A happy girly voice came from behind him. He felt it, a soft kiss on his lips, he couln't see who it was because he froze and took a long time to think about what happend.

"I love you." She wispered in his ear and ran away. Oliver rushed to get his glasses on but only cought a short glimpse of her flowing blonde hair and blue high-tops.



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