A party of mystery.

this is a story about a boy that went to a halloween party and then a girl came, will he find out who it is?


3. Finding her...

Walking round the school looking down at the ground not just because he didn't want to get bullied but looking at every blonde girls shoes to see if the were the blue high tops. No one had them, he ended up going home with a massive headache and sore eyes. The next day Oliver did another round at looking at everyones shoes but yet again, no one had them. Oliver walked into his science lesson all sad and upset that he couldn't find the person that had a crush on him, the person with the softest lips ever and a lovely smell.

"Hey Oliver." Said the girl behind him. With lovely blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

"Oh hi Crystal, you all right?"

"Yes im fine but can you do me a favor?"

"Yer, what is it?"

"Can you pass this to Jade, she's mad I've kept her costume a bit to long."

Crystal passed the bag full of cloths to Oliver, he looked in the bag full of a bright pink puffy skirt and what it seemed to be a blonde wig. Oliver looked at her feet and then into her lovely blue eyes and back down to her shoes, blue high tops.

"I... it's you.."

"Took you long enough... love you."

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