A party of mystery.

this is a story about a boy that went to a halloween party and then a girl came, will he find out who it is?


1. The party.

Oliver walks into the room, quiet and shy. His friend James had organised a Halloween party to get toghether with all of his mates, Oliver knew that people would pick on him and shout at him because he didn't wear a costume, even if he did have a costume they would still pick on him. Oliver turned up to the door of his friends house to the sound of blearing rock music in his ears.

"Hey Oliver, join the party, are you allright?"

"Yer, I'm alright, just a bit of a headache."

He walked inside to join the rest of the people dancing and singing along to the songs, Boys dressed in supermen cosumes or clowns and Girls dressed in big fluffy skirts.

"Hey, geek! wheres your costume?!" One of the bullys said.

"Haha, he's wearing it, he came as his self, a geek!"

"Nice one dude!"

Oliver ran outside into the the dim moonlight and sat on the bench trying to ignore the fact that everyone is going to be making fun of him for the rest of his life.


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