Give your heart a break

When Lucy met Louis when she moved in next door they instantly became friends.
They soon become really close when Lucy finds out that she is going to the same school as Louis and also in the same year and form.
Everyone in their year says that they should go out but Louis has already told Lucy that he will never fall in love.


2. Neighbors and New Houses

We finally arrived at our new house after about two and a half hours of driving.It was a lot bigger than our old bungalow. Our new house has 3 floors with 4 bedrooms that are quite big. I chose a bedroom that was quite big and it had a walk in wardrobe en suite and a balcony.

I walked out onto the balcony and suddenly heard a male voice say "hi I'm Louis" I looked up to see a tall boy about my age standing on a similar balcony next door. I replied saying "Hi I'm Lucy I just moved in here". We talked for a while and agreed to meet up after I had finished unpacking and sorted out my bedroom.


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