Give your heart a break

When Lucy met Louis when she moved in next door they instantly became friends.
They soon become really close when Lucy finds out that she is going to the same school as Louis and also in the same year and form.
Everyone in their year says that they should go out but Louis has already told Lucy that he will never fall in love.


3. Louis

I packed all my clothes in the giant walk in closet realizing that I desperately needed to take my monthly shopping spree in New Look, Interacional, Primark, Jack Wills and Superdry. I also put most of my furniture in my massive room with still loads of room to spare, it was soo weird this stuff i would have had to cram in my old room and now i need more to even look like I have any stuff!

It only took me about an hour to do my room so I went downstairs and out the front to meet Louis.

When I got onto my front porch I saw Louis sitting down waiting, when he saw me he smiled and stood up.

As I approached he said, "hi Lucy!" and waved.

"Hi", I said blushing because Louis was quite cute.

Louis was also blushing when he asked "so how old are you and when is your birthday?"

"Well I am 15 right now and I will be sixteen on the 3rd November what about you?"

"Same but my birthday is on the 24th December, Christmas eve" he added with a cheeky grin.

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