Give your heart a break

When Lucy met Louis when she moved in next door they instantly became friends.
They soon become really close when Lucy finds out that she is going to the same school as Louis and also in the same year and form.
Everyone in their year says that they should go out but Louis has already told Lucy that he will never fall in love.


4. Friends and dissapointment :(

Me and Louis talked for a while and suddenly I decided to ask the question, "So are you going out with anyone or have any crushes?", I asked hopefully trying not to look too obvious.

"No", he said blushing "I'm never going to fall in love" a glint of fear flashed in his eyes as he said it so I decided not to pester it.

"Well I've never had a boyfriend so I guess that's how it will go" I said shrugging my shoulders.

I found out a lot about Louis in that one conversation, we were in the same year at the same school and he had 5 sisters, Charlotte who he calls Lottie , Georgia, Felicite, who everyone calls Fizzy  and the twins Daisy and Phoebe. He lives with his Mum and his Step Dad.

My Mum called me in because it was getting late and she had some food for me. she was glad I had made a friend too!

Me and Louis had arranged to meet up the next day, he was my first proper friend and so far I hoped it would stay like that!  


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