Lamping with Liam *1D (one direction) fanfic Competiton*

Falling in love with Liam Payne is just about what every girl in country has done, including Sophie, an average 15 year old teenager. This story looks at her relationship with the singer and how it blossoms in to something beautiful. It also looks at what its like to be dating an a-list celebrity and the downfalls to it.


3. The paparazzi

After seeing that cute text, all I wanted was for him to be with me. But I knew that couldnt happen. Although I was still excited about that surprise he was going to give me later, all I wanted was him, I didnt care about any of his money. My Liam. My Payne. Thats what I wanted. As I drifted and drifted in to my own thoughts, I eventually noticed that every few minuites, two or three new paparazzi turned up. So, I decided to get out of bed and turn the TV on to see what was happening. I didnt want to go to close to the windows because I knew they would get a picture of me and print it in all the papers. So, I ran to the TV and, kept on changing channels until I finally got to a tabloid news one. They mentioned Liam so I decided to continue listening, and I heard:

'One Directions Liam Payne was caught leaving a book signing yesterday earlier and coming back to his house with a new mystery girl. According to sources, it is suspected that she has stayed there the whole night and is still at the house. Neighbours have complained about the loud noises that went on and it is suspected that a 'party' was going on. Also, fellow band member Zayn Malik was seen at the house.'

Damn. Management are not going to be happy about that. Its all my fault. How could this happen? All the directioners will hate me. Everyone will be upset with Liam. And its all my fault. How could I do this to him?

I suddenly started crying. I couldnt do anything to stop it. The tears were coming out of my eyes so fast. I scrunched up in a ball and put the duvet over my head, I didnt want anyone to see me like this, especially Liam. I ended up crying myself asleep, I couldnt control my tears...


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