Lamping with Liam *1D (one direction) fanfic Competiton*

Falling in love with Liam Payne is just about what every girl in country has done, including Sophie, an average 15 year old teenager. This story looks at her relationship with the singer and how it blossoms in to something beautiful. It also looks at what its like to be dating an a-list celebrity and the downfalls to it.


2. Liam's photoshoot

I was still lying in bed half asleep when Liam came back. He kissed my lips softly and told me he had to go. 'Where?' I asked curiously. 'I have a photoshoot with the boys, for BLISS magazine.' He said. You could sense the sorrow in his voice. 'How long will you be?' I asked. 'The whole day.' I was upset inside that we could have such a passionate night and he would just go the next day. I guess I thought he would stay with me. I guess I forgot he was in one direction.

'I'll miss you so much when your there.' 'Ill miss you to.' 'You can stay here if you want, the paparazzi are outside...,' he looked deeply into my eyes, 'im sorry I have to go, if it were up to me I would spend my life with you, but I cant let the boys and the fans down like this.' He said sadly. 'No need to worry, ill be waiting for you with a sandwich when you get back. Now come on, put a smile on that beautiful face of yours. Its not your fault at all.' He put on a fake smile, I could tell he felt really bad about it all. In an attempt to cheer him up, I leaned over and gave him a passionate kiss. I could feel his lips press against mine and I couldnt bring myself to pull away. It took Zayn coming in the room and shouting VAS HAPPENIN'? for us to stop.

I think im still mesmorised by that kiss because within a blurr Liam and Zayn have gone. Looks like its just me and the turtles. I decided to have a bit of a wonder around his house and looked to see empty bottles and chicken wings on the floor. Ooops, looks like its been trashed! I eventually bring myself to pull myself up the stairs and go back to bed. No use trying to get back outside, as the paparazzi arent leaving until they get what they want, and they aint' getting me. I wrap myself in Liam's one piece and grab hold of his deodrant. Although it may sound weird, I just love the smell of him. I curl in to a ball and force my eyes shut.

...By the time I awaken, its not by the sweet sound of Liams voice, its by the sound of 'what makes you beautiful' being blasted outside by some mad fans on a dodgy boombox. I sware sometimes people think thats the only song they have ever sung. I pick my phone up to look at the time, but instead find 50 missed calls from my mum. Damn, forgot to call last night to tell her where I was. I decide to leave it until later and look to see whether I have any texts from Liam. Although I only have one, its adorable. Liam is such a cutie! It says: Heya babe, sorry about having to go this morning, you wouldnt believe my schedule sometimes. When I get back, ill take you somewhere special. Remember even though I have all these girls around me, your the one I will always and only want. Love you lots, Liam x Thats my cute liam!


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