Lamping with Liam *1D (one direction) fanfic Competiton*

Falling in love with Liam Payne is just about what every girl in country has done, including Sophie, an average 15 year old teenager. This story looks at her relationship with the singer and how it blossoms in to something beautiful. It also looks at what its like to be dating an a-list celebrity and the downfalls to it.


1. Introduction paragraph

I couldnt remember a thing about last night, my head was banging. I looked on the floor and saw lots of empty bottles of vodka, a watergun, a waistcoat and a variety of hair products scattered along the floor. I couldnt physically get out of bed so I just lay there, when to my surprise Liam Payne walked in and said ‘morning beautiful’ and he passed me his blue one piece, ‘get some clothes on gorgeous.’ I froze and was practically screeming inside with happiness. I was speechlesss. ‘Something wrong?’ he said confused, I finally managed to get the words out ‘No oooofff c..ourse nnnot.’ He smiled to himself and then spoke, ‘its that twinkle in your eyes, gets me everytime.’ I smiled to myself.

But before I could even ask him he said, ‘if your wondering what happened last night, then I can tell you the whole story.’ I sat down and listened excitedly. He talked about how I cued 24 hours for a book signing, but didnt get in and was sat outside crying. He said he saw me sitting on the the steps by whsmith and put his arm around me and asked me what was wrong. I then told him and we talked about our lives and so I started smiling again, he said ‘Thats better, I dont ever want to see my girl upset, now come on, lets get you somewhere warm.’ He took me back to his and there I met Zayn, Zayn said it was him who uses all of Liams hair products…I laughed, typical Zayn. And then he wanted me to stay over and I didnt even have to think about that…he said me him and Zayn had a little party and then me and Liam went in to his bedroom. ‘Cant you remember anything else?’ I whispered, softly, ‘I think you can work out the rest.’ he winked at me.

As I finally got out of bed, I opened the curtains to find 5 fans camping outside. ‘Liam, you better say hi!’ I jokingly told him, ’I love the fact you dont mind the fans’ ‘I am one aswell’, Liam smiled to himself, ‘Whos your favourite?’ ‘Harry…jks, you of course!..Now go and see these fans before they start banging your door down.’ ‘Okay,’ Liam smiled ’but I will miss you when I go.’ He kissed me softly on the cheek. ‘I have always said I liked shy girls.’ He winked at me. ‘My lamps in the corner if you need it!’ Typical, amazing Liam I thought to myself. I went back to bed afterwards.

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