My Love Life

Have you ever made the mistake of falling for your best friend?


1. Trouble


"Hey Dylan!" I greeted my best friend, as a smile escaped my lips. We hugged passionately, and wandered around the school grounds. I have to admit, Dylan was my bestest friend ever.

"Year nine! Year nine, head towards the A Block for fire drill practice!" Mrs. Grinham's whorse voice boomed through the microphone. We shrugged, and headed for where we were told to.

Suddenly, I felt a vibration in my blazer pocket. I knew very well that we weren't allowed phones at school, but who cares? Everyone had their phones with them at all times, including me and Dylan. I hurridly reached for my crappy Nokia, as we were nearly at the A Block.

"Kris! Come 'ere!" I heard, turning around rapidly, my hand falling by my side, forgetting compeletly about the ugly mobile i was holding. Cccrrrack!

"Oh my GOD!!!" I screamed, kneeling down to pick up the remainings of my phone.

Dylan slapped his hand on his mouth, and his eyes widened slightly. I gave him a worrried look, before turning around angrily to give the cause of this a very dirty look. But, to my dissapointment, nobody was there anymore.

We ran to class, barging in through the door, nervously taking our seats. Mrs. Grinham's tiny, yellowish eyes looked at us Oh, how I was seriously scared of this teacher...

She pointed to the door behind us. We looked at eachother, absolutely terrified, and slowly walked towards the old, wooden door. Once outside, Dylan whispered, "How the hell are you gonna get out of this...?" "Easy. I'll just tell the truth: that my phone broke, and I tried to fix it." I answered. Usually works. "Are you crazy, Kris!?" His voice was a little louder now. I hushed him. "She'll kill oyu if she finds out you had a phone with you!" "Okay, okay, what should I say then, huh?" I questioned. He shrugged. So, he tells me what not to do, but he's got no plan B? "Well, what are you gonna say? You where late aswell; what's your excuse?" maybe he would give me an idea. "Well, I was thinking of maybe saying-"

At that very moment, Mrs. Grinham approached us. We froze.

"HOW DARE YOU COME INTO MY LESSON LATE!? HOW LATE WHERE YOU!? THREE MINUTES!? THREE MINUTES!!! HOW DARE YOU!? WHAT ARE YOUR EXCUSES!? ACTUALLY, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! YOU HAVE DETENTION FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK. UNDERSTAND!?" she boomed. We nodded. I smiled inside. I would get excluded for a month if she found out I had a phone with me! Yesss...

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