My Love Life

Have you ever made the mistake of falling for your best friend?


2. The Sleepover

"Hey, can I come to your house tonight? Cos, you know, my parents, and everything..." Dylan asked me. Yes, of course I knew. He lived in a horrible atmosphere of non-stop shouting. His parents where fighting all the time, and he spent every free moment at mine, to get away from it all. "Sure" I smiled. Because we where already half way home from the bus stop, he quickly ran to his to get all the things needed for a sleepover. It wasn't the first time, aswell. He sleeps over at my house at least twice a week. My house isn't very large, so we need to share my bed. Thank God it's a double one. Not that I mid sleeping with him! Oh, this all sounds so wrong... It's like sleeping with your BFF, I mean, everyone has, haven't they? I was standing in his front door, while thinking all this. Suddenly, "Coming, Kris?" came Dylan's voice from behind me. I turned, suprised, and nodded.


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