When the Universe lays in your hands


1. The Chosen ones

In a dream... He came to me, the temple was white with beautiful silk hanging down and he spoke these words: "Soon, soon you'll know how you will save us all..." I let the memories drag me in and suddenly, "Sereya! You can't fall asleep in class!"

I had to spend my free period in detention, but I couldn't stop thinking about the spiritual lords! They needed my help I was the chosen one! I stood up, well it wasn't actually me, I was being controlled by something, and that something let me fly! I grew wings. A massive pair just rising out of my shoulder blades, "Miss! help something's controlling me!" I struggled to stay on the ground  but they were too strong "They can't see you no one can, don't you remember me?" a voice came closer! "Spiritual lord Serenity! Where are we going?" The lord showed me a map and opened up a portal over a mystical island that i  had never seen before. In a flash every world map had the tiny island on it, Serenity explained that it is there where I will find my true powers and destroy all evil, as i nodded I gained control of my body again! I leaped up into the air and twirled "These wings," Serenity explained "Are yours as you weren't born human, you're a spiritual lord too Sereya the lord of the Universe, we hid you on Earth so the demon king wouldn't find you but it's too late a drop of your powers landed in his arms he has the might to destroy both worlds this and ours!" I broke down in shock but then I stood up again, "Trust me, no one  will defeat the lord of universe!" I leaped into the open portal "Stop! before you go take this, it keeps all  your powers as there are 4 more of you! if you say these words 'Spirits arise' you will transform into your true selves! it will also open and close portals so this will save your lives"

Serenity gave the necklace which had the mystical gem hanging from it, as i pulled it over my neck the gem spoke out to my "Dear girl I am the heart of Candraca the first ever spiritual lord!" As I leaped into the portal and landed on the island i saw my best friends on the tiny island, "Jessica? Heather? jade? Ashley? What are you lot doing here?" Ashley stood before them and said "We are all spiritual lords, Heather- fire, Jessica- Water, Jade- Earth and I'm lord of air!" I was so happy that we all had each other so nobody would be alone "So... What are you?" Jade asked me. "Well I'm Sereya Lord of the Universe and each start and planet in it! I have had the honor to carry the heart of Candraca! To evolve us all in need and..." "Alright we get it! We dont need a big speech about it!" The girls laughed, "Anyway! Lets kick some demon kings but!" Said Jessica demonstrating her power over water, "I present... A portrait of us all made out of water!" We all clapped neither of us noticing the broken noses she had given us all!

Well I guess this is where our adventure starts...   

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