My Summer With 1D

This is my entry for the 1D competition ;) - Annie is going to LA. This could be the best holiday ever, until she meets her least favourite boyband everr, one direction. The boys take her on a wild road trip so she can maybe change her mind about them...


1. L.A

Annie walked up to Gatwick airports huge revolving doors, took a deep breath, then walked in. It was all she could do to stop herself from screaming. She was going to LAS VEGAS for a fortnight! She would be by herself. No crazy boys chasing her, no jealous girl gossiping and whispering behind her back. The thing is, Annie was beautiful. Her straight, smooth, shiny, black hair fell past her shoulders, her baby blue eyes were always twinkling, her mouth was always in a smile, her make up was always natural, a little medicinal concealer on spots, a few strokes of mascara, a little lip gloss. The smell of sweet strawberries clung to her. She refused to notice her beauty, so she turned down every boy, and ignored all the horrible girls. She bought her ticket, put her luggage on the conveyer belt thingy, then awaited her gate to be opened. She had decided to treat herself and had bought first class tickets. anyway, she wanted to arrive in style! She sat down and started to read a magazine. After a while she heard screams of delight all around her. A flurry of hair and clothes and bags was surrounding what looked it couldn't be, could it? Darn it! it was them. Annie groaned and sank back into her seat. It was the worst boyband ever, in her opinion, One Direction. According to her, they were: arrogant, annoying, self centered and bubble headed boys. Well that was what they appeared to her as. Annie felt her self sink further when they sat right next to her. A bold blondie marched up and tried to shove Annie of the seat, but ONE (ha see what I did there? did ya? did ya-oh ok its not funny I'll shut up o.O) of the boys said "hey hey hey! this is first class! don't shove this innocent and beautiful  lady off her own seat!" Annie looked at him, and he winked. Annie rolled her eyes and went back to my magazine. "Attention passengers, gate 14 is now boarding." She got up, annoyed that the boys were following. She sat down and idly flicked her hair.she was annoyed that she knew the lads names. There was Harry and Louis, who sat in one pair of seats, Zayn and Liam who sat in another, and Niall, who plonked himself in the empty seat next to Annie. The one who had winked at her. "Mind if i sit here?" Niall asked. "Yes" I replied. "What is your problem? I winked, you rolled your eyes, I sit sit down and ask if thats ok, and you say that its not!" She rolled her eyes again and said, "I hate One Direction." Then she stared out the window. L.A was beneath her, and she gasped at the splendor. "It's beautiful, isnt it?" "yes" sighed Annie." "Bit like you then" She rolled her eyes inwardly at this. "Hope to see you soon" he said with a wink, and they all left.

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